Important Gadgets for Dry RVing

RV GadgetsNo water supplies, no amenities, no electricity – well that is what dry camping is all about. The excitement gets double when you camp the RV in a wild region, which is still virgin. On one hand, the thrill of living without the regular necessities grabs you and on the other hand, the thought of exploring a new land boosts the spirit of the traveler within. You need to have a lot of confidence to go for dry camping because it is more like a challenge to live without the daily provisions. However, here are four important gadgets that you can take in your RV while boondocking.

Composting Toilet

Are you worried about black tank and water issue of RV toilets? Of course, when you do not have a large water resource, the thought of stinking bathroom is definitely troublesome. If you want to overcome this problem, install composting toilet, which uses zero water. You do not need black water storage, rather a combination of black and grey tanks give 30 percent more space to grey water storage.

Solar Powered Inverter and Batteries

It is wild camping after all and there are rare chances of finding electricity. What if your battery and inverter fail to work, what will you do? This is when solar power comes handy. All you need to do is install panels and store energy to charge those batteries as well as get the inverter started. So, before you purchase any solar kit, do your research as well as know the RV features. This will help you buy the right tool for your camping.

Temperature Sensitive Automatic Vent Fan

There is no need to use the A/C feature while wild camping. Temperature sensitive automatic vent fan can help when it is excessively hot. This turns on automatically and sucks air through the RV vent. The temperature inside the van can be set as well. Even if there is a rainstorm, you can keep these fans open because of the rain covers.

UV Water Purifying Bottle

It is difficult to find clean drinking water while camping. In order to overcome this problem, you can use a UV water purifying bottle. All you need to do is find a clear water source and put it in the bottle. Next, push a button, shake and after 60 seconds, the water is safe for drinking.

There are many other gadgets available in the market; but these are some of the basics ones, which you must not forget when planning for dry camping.

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