How to Make Your RV Burglar-Proof

Burglar-Proof RVYour motor home or camping trailer can become easy prey to thieves if you are not careful enough. RV thefts are on the rise and are a major concern for travelers who hit the road frequently. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned traveler familiar with RV camping, these simple tips will help you keep your rig burglar-proof.

Use Appropriate RV Locks

Locking your RV is not just about securing your vehicle’s doors and windows. Use popular locks such as cylinder and pad locks to make your camping trailer more secure. Opt for cylinder locks that come with a special key which cannot be easily duplicated. Get a boot that protects your RV’s wheel. With a boot cover in place, no burglar will be able to turn the wheel with an extension. You can also prevent the theft of the lugs from your motor home’s wheel by using a boot cover. Make sure that you choose covers that protect the lugs so that tires can’t be changed by crooks.

Park Your Rig Smartly

Be careful when parking your RV at a campsite. Park your vehicle near other RVs with the door clearly visible to the people in the next home-on-wheel. Try parking it away from the standard access area. This will make a thief’s job more difficult as he would have to manually turn the rig to steal the vehicle. There are chances of the burglar being caught as turning the camper would take more effort and time. Get a tongue wheel or jockey wheel to park your rig in this way.

Pull the Curtains

Make sure you pull the window curtains to prevent a crook from seeing what’s inside your rig. When you’re hiking or sightseeing, you do not want your HDTV or kitchen appliances to be stolen just because someone can peep through the windows.

Carry a Safe

Carry a small safe if you are keeping cash, jewelry, credit cards or other valuables. This will keep the items in your motor home safe.

Invest in the Right Security Tools

To make your camper burglar-proof, opt for the right security systems such as a deadbolt, theft alarms or motion detector lights. Motor detectors help in detecting people, cars, and even animals.

Secure your motor home when camping for complete peace of mind. Keep your rig safe whether it’s parked near your home or you’re on an adventure trip.

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