How To Live The RV Life

Does the RV Life seem a little unorthodox to you? Well the estimated 1.3 million Americans who are full-time RV’er probably thought that at one time as well. So how do you make the leap from the run-of-the-mill to life on the road? Here are some quick tips to help you let go and get going!

Get Organized

If you desire to travel the United States and retain a residence, you will need to arrange for someone to receive and forward your mail to you. Make sure the person is trustworthy and dependable enough. You will also need to rely on online banking and bill paying. If you have bills that require paper notification, you may need to contact the collection agency and inform them of your situation. You should also use a bank that allows direct deposit for any paychecks or retirement payments you will receive.

Keep your budget flexible

If you have a small budget, there are ways to keep your bills to a minimum. For starters, avoid staying in one place for too long because long-term campers usually have to pay their own electricity. Cook your own meals and limit eating out can cut costs as well.

With the rising gas prices, many full-timers make quick hops in their RV to the next camp ground, and tow a smaller car behind them for any excursions away from camp. Having a secondary vehicle can save a lot of money on gas and still afford you the ability to “see the sights.”

Pick the RV Class that is Right for you

Picking the right RV for you and your family can be an arduous task. You will have to ask yourself the right questions and be willing to be honest with yourself. The different classes of RV are covered in the article: What class of RV is right for my family? If you are choosing to become a full-time RV’er, the Class A affords the most living space and the most amenities. This classification also is the most expensive and luxurious as well.

Contacting a RV broker can have a lot of benefits because the broker will help you narrow down the right class and make of RV for you. The brokers at Motor Home Finders can help you choose the right kind of motor home and specialize in the selling and buying of Class A RVs.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Most full-timer RV’ers are of retirement age, thus they are out of debt and more financially stable, but not all wait until retirement. Many buy early and “ease” into the lifestyle, learning more of what the like and gearing up for the longer trips by starting with shorter trips of a week at a time. The best part of full-time RVing is the freedom that comes with your mobility. If you want to stay in a park for a week, then move on, it is completely up to you. If you get tired of Texas in the summer, drive to Washington State and spend the long days of summer in a cooler latitude. It’s all up to you, and Motor Home Finders can help you achieve this freedom and adventure. The bottom line here is go!

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