Hot New Trends in the Motor Home Industry

2020 means a new year, new decade, and new trends in the motor home industry and newer used motor homes for sale! RVing is a pastime that’s more popular than ever and continues to grow, so RV manufacturers are stepping up their game to appeal to a whole new generation of RVers. Things like:

Lithium Ion Power

The hottest topic in RV circles lately has been lithium power sources, which provide a TON more power for the same space & weight investment—or even less! Camping World explains: “Traditionally, RVers have only been able to use 50% of their battery capacity. How can RVers use 100%, or nearly 100%, of their battery capacity? Lithium is the answer. Up until now, lithium batteries were nearly exclusively an after-market option. However, as the price of lithium power technology has come down, RV manufacturers can include it as an option or even standard. Lithium provides clean, quiet, on-demand power––perfect for visiting national parks, which often don’t have power hookups and enforce generator restrictions.”

Besides that, lithium power has better performance in cold temperatures, gets better performance out of your solar panels, and is 30% cheaper per cycle than traditional acid batteries. 2020 might be the year that you make the switch!

Pet-Friendly RVs

Did you know that more than half of RVers travel with their pets? The motor home manufacturers certainly do, because a big trend in the industry these days is building RVs with pets in mind. Unique features like leash latches on the exterior; low, hidden drawers for pet dishes; and dedicated bed & kennel space have been popping up in new motor homes in 2020. Keep an eye out for these if you have fur babies you just can’t leave at home!

Tech Integration

Luxury RVs for sale will get even more tech-forward in 2020! You’ll often find us touting exciting features like iPad controls in our inventory descriptions, and you can expect even more of those in the coming years. RV manufacturers and aftermarket developers are creating systems that connect to smartphone and tablet apps for easy, portable control. Tweak the A/C, dim the lights, monitor tank levels, or even, someday, start the engine, all from your phone. Here are Motor Home Finders, we can’t wait to see where this technology goes!

Brighter Interior Design

We are used to seeing browns and tans in RV interior design, but in 2020, motor homes will be getting brighter! Camping World describes this trend: “Manufacturers are replacing tired brown wallpaper with white walls. Backsplashes in the kitchen are running all the way up rather than strangely stopping just a quarter of the way up. Grays are joining in as a neutral, rather than just the tan. Kitchen cabinetry is brighter with lighter wood options…All around the interior of RVs is getting more aesthetically appealing and more home-like.” If you like this design philosophy, visit our inventory of diesel motor homes for sale! We have a few models available that were early adopters of this trend.

It’s all about the features. The perfect RV is one that meets all your needs, big and small, and manufacturers know this. They also know what we know: that every buyer is different, with different habits, preferences, and priorities. That’s why they are putting so much effort into providing variety in design, and that’s why we put so much detail into our web inventory and into helping you find the RV that fits you like a glove.

Motor Home Finders is a licensed motor home broker based in New Port Richey, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit

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