Holiday Rambler Motor Homes

The Holiday Rambler company got its start in 1953 and they have been producing luxury coaches ever since. In 1961, Holiday introduced the aluminum body frame. This led to RVs that were lighter and stronger. The aluminum frame was not the only first that Holiday Rambler introduced. They also had the first built-in refrigerator, the first holding tanks and the first kitchen slide-out. Holiday Rambler was a pioneer in the recreational vehicle world and continues to produce high-end RVs. Holiday Rambler offers a variety of coaches to suit all types of travelers. They offer everything from Class A motor homes to travel trailers and everything in between.

Class A Motor homes

Holiday Rambler offers several models in this class. The top-of-the-line Endeavor is an RVer’s dream. With almost every imaginable feature, this model is made for luxury living on the road. Luxury living does come with a price tag, however, and this model is one of the highest priced in the lineup. Other Class A models include the Ambassador, the Vacationer and the Vacationer SE. Each model has its own style and is priced according to the features available.

Class B Motor homes

Holiday Rambler does not offer quite as many Class B motor homes as they do Class A, however, the Class B is certainly not lacking in style. The most recent Class B offered was the Augusta B+. The Augusta B+ is a great motor home for those that do not want the large size of the Class A motor home. Class B motor homes still offer plenty of great features while usually offering a smaller price tag, as well.

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