On-The-Go Meal Ideas for RV-ers

RV On-The-Go MealIf you are driving long stretches, plan your meals well in advance and be sure to choose wisely. If you are running out of ideas, we can help. Take a look at the following meal ideas that will help you survive long drives lasting for six to eight hours or even more:

Draw Out a Strategy

When you plan to cover hundreds of miles within a certain time, you will have to stay behind the wheels through the better part of the day. In this situation, the smartest way to have your meal will be to stop at any take-away joint or eatery chain such as McDonald’s or Subway, buy a lunch basket, and eat it in your rig. Plan your route in a way so that you arrive at the intended RV park just in time for dinner. This will let you make up for your hurried lunch.

Don’t like junk food? We have an idea – visit your relatives’ homes along the route. Make it during the lunch hour and you will get to eat homemade food. In addition to getting a break from driving, you will also be able to enjoy some hearty family reunion. On a side note, avoid a surprise visit; call them well in advance so that they can be prepared to welcome you.

Sandwiches – Your Day-Savers

Make as many sandwiches as you can the day before you leave. If you don’t find time for the task, encourage the little ones to do the job for you. Pack the sandwiches in the cooler. Stop in a picnic area where you will be able to stretch and move around and eat your sandwiches.

Feasting on Filling Snacks On-The-Go

What is a road trip without something to munch on? Reach out for the snack-bags whenever you feel like eating. Frequent snacking does not only keep you satiated, but also helps kill boredom. It helps you stay awake when you drive for long hours. However, it’s important to top off your snack-bags with healthy, filling snacks such as homemade granola bars, crackers, pretzels, nuts, vegetable chips, and dried fruits. If you are carrying chocolaty snacks, don’t let them melt. Can’t make it without a little something sweet? Try fruity-flavored licorice.

Carry Thirst-Quenching Snacks

When you are on the road for a good part of the day, you’ll have to restrict your fluid intake so that you don’t have to take frequent bathroom-breaks. That is why it is important to have thirst-quenching snacks during long drives. These may include gums, mints, lozenges and hard candies.

There is something about heading out on the open road. Fill up your bag with a lot of healthy and tasty treats to eat on the interstate. They will keep you satiated throughout your journey, and supply you with the fuel you need.

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