Get Used Motor Homes at Affordable Rates with Cool Negotiation Tips

RV negotiation tipsAre you a sucker for great sales pitches? Then you will have a tough luck getting best deals and rates on used motor homes. Sure there are some RV sellers that offer great deals and options to buyers. But, finding them is quite the task. Being a bargain hunter can land you affordable yet lucrative deals in the market. Don’t worry! You do not have to master the art of negotiation on your own. Here we have a few suggestions to help you out.

Keep Your Discount Expectations Real

While negotiating the prices of used motor homes, keep in mind that it is better to seek huge discounts on high-end models rather than on the inexpensive ones. If you are purchasing a Class A RV, you can press your seller for more discount than he is ready to offer. But, less expensive motor homes do not really offer enough room for the seller to earn a profit after offering you a hefty discount. So, choose your battle wisely and find yourself leaving the shop with a big winning smile.

Try to Buy When Fuel Prices Are High

Confused? Thinking, won’t the cost for running the RV on high fuel charges be more than usual? Well, let us break it down for you. RV prices generally go down when fuel prices are high. So, you could afford better models for quite less. Plus, with less competition around (due to high fuel prices of course), you will have more time to haggle with sellers who really want the RV out of their garage. With good negotiation, you could get discounts that are worth enough to take care of the increased fuel costs for a couple of years. Think it through! It is really a great way of getting great deals on used RV.

A Background Check Is Must

Run a background check on them before initiating these negotiation tactics. With a bit of luck and research, you might find top-rated used RV sellers. You can use review sites to find information on motor home suppliers in your locality. You can use social networking platforms to get real time data on selected or shortlisted RV sellers before making a deal.

Try to Decode the Sales Pitch

Every sales person has one. It could be – ‘Trust us! We are offering you the best price’ or ‘you won’t find a lower price on this deal from anyone else’ or ‘With you, it is not about making profit for us. It is more about building a relationship’ and so on. So, prepare yourself for all the appreciation, revelation, and information the sales persons can bring forth for you and start bargaining.

Be careful! There is no need to be angry or rude while negotiating the prices. Remember that the sellers are just doing their job. So, wear a charming smile and keep negotiating till you get the price you have in mind for the used RV.

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