Four RV-ing tips with your furry friend

motorhomeLove to travel in a motor home with your pet? You are not alone! A recent survey by the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association shows that 61 percent of RV owners love hitting the roads with their pets. Traveling with your adorable dog or sweet little kitten is fun, and adds more excitement to the trip. Here are four quick tips that’ll make Rv-ing with your pets even more fun:

  1. Carry Food and Drinking Water

Give your pet the kind of food he likes to eat. Stick to a brand that suits his digestive system. Switching brands will only upset his tummy, and you really don’t want that when on a vacation. Also, purchase packaged drinking water that is safe for your pet.

  1. Pack the Right Things

Before you set off, create a list of all the things that your dog will need during the journey. Things that you must include are food bowls, anti-spill water bowls, identification tags, a few paper towels, a pet bed, toys and medications. Also include your pet’s vaccination records as you’ll need them at some of the campgrounds or dog parks. Pack all of these to make your vacation a more enjoyable one.

  1. Buckle Your Pet Up

Your house-on-wheels is as good as your home. So, cuddling your little puppy or placing your kitten in your lap seems likely. But such an idea can actually be very dangerous when your RV is speeding down the road. Avoid accidents or injuries by buckling up your furry friend with a seat belt harness. It will also prevent your pet from diverting the driver’s attention from the road. You can also take a quick nap with your pet buckled up, while the driver pilots the vehicle to the next campground.

  1. Chalk out the Perfect Route

Rv-ing with your pet needs detailed planning. Make sure you head to pet-friendly campgrounds, RV parks and eateries. Look for campgrounds that specifically mention that they welcome pet dogs or cats. There is nothing more depressing than finding a dog park that is not so pet-friendly after all.

Simply kick back and unwind when vacationing in a motor home with your pets. Keeping these pointers in mind will help you stay relaxed and also let your furry friends enjoy the trip.

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