A vacation-on-wheel is a fun way to explore nature at its wildest best. However, when we step into their natural habitats, wild animals do not actually appreciate the intrusion. To be on the safer side, always maintain a respectful distance from them. Below is a survival guide for motor home owners keen on traveling around the woods:

Beware Of Wild Animals and Bug Bites


To wild animals, campers are nothing but unwelcome guests, and they feel quite inclined to treat these uninvited visitors as excellent food source. Thus it always makes sense to avoid getting near to them. The smell of food may attract beasts to your motor home, so make it a point to keep these items stored in sealed containers. In addition, remember that there are many wild things that could be small in size but not in venom – scorpions and wasps, and even fire ants can cause serious harm, even death. Leave alone the dangers of snake bites. Apply insect repellant in generous amount to exposed skin to ward off bugs. Wear clothes that cover major part of your body including legs and arms as an extra layer of protection.

Carry Basic First Aid Kit

Arm yourself with a good first aid kit that should contain basic supplies such as roll bandages, antiseptic cream and wipes, cotton swabs and tweezers. Keep them in an organized manner and learn to administer basic first aid. This is a must for any outing in your motor home, but calls for more attention for a wildlife vacation.

Carry sufficient food and water

Picture yourself in the middle of nowhere, miles away from the human habitation, surrounded by rattle snakes, scorpions and other wild things as dangerous as these or even more, and you are run out of food and water! Well, this scary situation calls for caution and preparation because you would need food and water to sustain till a rescue team comes to your aid. Therefore, in addition to raw materials, always stock up on sufficient ready-to-eat and easy-to-carry food items such as dry fruits, nuts and condiments. Apart from keeping your drinking water tank full, carry some tetra-packed liquids as well. Glucose powder and protein bars can be your life-saver in case you get stuck up for several days in a remote location.

Get Vaccinated

You can get certain diseases from wild animals, which can prove detrimental to your health. Vaccinations can protect you from these unforeseen diseases while camping.

Other Precautions

Going solitary is not an option when it comes to wildlife RV vacation. If you are not taking your family, go with a friend. Keep someone back home informed about your plans. Do not forget matches and a flashlight. Use an effective hand sanitizer often to minimize the risks of infection. Pack your trail maps and do research the weather before setting off.

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