Why should I use a RV broker to sell my motorhome?

Selling your motorhome takes time, resources and commitment. Do you know where it is best to list your motorhome? Do you have buyers routinely reviewing your website for new inventory?

If you stop to think about it, hiring an RV broker instead of selling your RV on your own comes with a wealth of benefits.

We know the market – we sell RVs of every kind on a daily basis. When was the last time you sold an RV? Do you know the market values, the recent trends, what buyers are looking for in an RV? We market your motorhome for you, bringing you qualified buyers you can’t reach in a local newspaper ad or as an individual.

We know what it takes to sell a motorhome – we will advise you on motorhome repairs, fair listing pricing, how to present your motorhome, even arrange for showings with potential buyers to sell your motorhome fast. We have national advertising and a reputation that brings qualified buyers and hand picked luxury coaches together.

You are still selling privately. Motorhome Finders charges a flat fee – no worrying about raising the price of your preowned motorhome to cover a high commission like motorhome dealers charge. You still sell your motorhome for fair market value, not RV dealer prices that buy your motorhome for fractions of market value in order to turn around and sell your motorhome for thousands more. You negotiate the deal, we help you. It’s that simple.

We are your motorhome selling resource. We walk through each step with you, advising you on how to make the best deal for your pre-owned motorhome you can get. And we sell your motorhome fast!

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