Why should I buy a used motorhome?

It’s hard to resist the temptation of pulling off the dealer’s lot in a sparkling new motorhome. But, especially if you are new to RV travel, there are several reasons to buy a used motorhome from a respected dealer.


A new RV is like a new car, much of its value is lost in the first year or two. Buying a used RV is a more efficient use of your money, especially when it comes to resell value.  Motorhome values can depreciate as much as one-third over the first 3 years of ownership. After that, RVs hold their value much better.

Learning Curve

Most people who have been in the RV travel crowd for a while are not still driving their first motorhome. It takes time on the road to find out which RV amenities are important to you, and also which ones you don’t care for. If you decide to trade up in the next few years, a used RV is a much better investment that buying new.

Working out the Kinks

Most people think a new RV can be driven straight off the lot and onto the open road, beginning your new adventures. In fact, many new RVs spend up to 20 days the first year in the maintenance shop, fixing kinks and issues. Buying a used RV that has been well maintained will already have all the kinks worked out and will be a much smoother journey. A used RV that has been well maintained may actually need less repair work than a new RV.

It’s hard to ignore the benefits of buying a used RV. Whether it is truly a recreational vehicle or you are a full time RVer, buying used motorhomes will definitely benefit your RV travel experience and your wallet.

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