What is a Class B Plus Motorhome?

A Class B + (Plus) motorhome is the best of both a class B motorhome and a Class C motorhome. A Class B Plus takes the maneuverability and compact size of a Class B motorhome and adds the great aspects of a Class C RV, like slide-out floor plans, and larger chassis, which can accommodate more sleeping and living arrangements.

Many Class B Plus RVs have Ford or Chevy chassis, an aspect of Class C motorhomes which makes repairs more convenient and more affordable. They still are easy to maneuver and get great gas mileage (for a RV) and can be parked right in your garage, which makes them more affordable overall for ongoing and travel expenses.

If you can’t decide if you are happy with the coziness of a Class B, or ready to take on the size of a Class C motorhome, you may find comfort in the perfect pairing of space and efficiency in a Class B+ motorhome.

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