What is a bus conversion?

A bus conversion is, simply, a bus that has been converted to a luxury recreational vehicle. Bus conversions have a bus chassis and are classified as Class A motorhomes, which are the largest motorhomes on the market. A typical conversion involves purchasing an older school or city bus, gutting the inside and rebuilding to include a bedroom, kitchen and all the amenities a typical recreational vehicle consists of. An alternative to commissioning the conversion from the ground up is purchasing a preowned bus conversion. You will have many great bus conversions to choose from but without all of the hassle of the conversion process. Used bus conversions have many great features and are definitely worth exploring to see if they fit your travel lifestyle.


Since bus conversions are among the largest available RVs, they provide plenty of room for short or long-term traveling. This extra space can translate to more-than-average storage space, living space or both! However, each conversion is different, so make sure it has the right kind of space for you and your family.


Bus conversions are also known for their safety. School buses, in particular, were built to be extremely safe for the school-aged children they traditionally carried. A bus conversion preserves this safety and makes for a luxury motorhome that is equally safe.


If you are not interested in a cookie-cutter preowned RV, a bus conversion might be right for you. No two bus conversions are the same; they each have their own personality. Since bus conversions are custom-built, there is no standard layout or floor plan. The key is to find the perfect configuration for your travel style.


Maybe one of the most important features of bus conversions is that they were built to be long-lasting. City buses, for example, were built to be driven all day, every day for years. They can literally be driven a million miles if properly cared for. The shells of buses are usually made of steel, which is very durable and does not often need replacing or repairing. This not only means that you may find the perfect bus conversion that will last you years and years, but it also means that the bus conversions on the market now are generally in great shape and ready for some new adventures!

As with any preowned motorhome purchase, the best bus conversion is the one that fits your lifestyle. Bus conversions are a great option for those that want extra space and luxury while on the road. If you are interested in seeing what a preowned bus conversion has to offer you, call Motorhome Finders! We have many bus conversions that are looking for their next owner!

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