What does it mean to sell your motorhome on consignment?

Consigning your motorhome is a great way to sell! Selling on consignment means that a third party, such as a motorhome broker, assists you in the sale of your used motorhome. This third party handles aspects such as listing your RV, finding appropriate buyers, advertising and advising you on all facets of the sale. Meanwhile, you will still maintain ownership of your RV, including insuring it, until it sells. Most consignees require a fee for their services, whether it is a percentage of the sale or a pre-negotiated flat fee. As the motorhome seller, you will sign a contract with the motorhome broker that specifies their fee as well as what price you are willing to accept for your luxury RV. It is then your responsibility to prepare your RV to be sold. Giving your recreational vehicle a nice, thorough cleaning is always a good idea. As is fixing minor issues such as burnt out light bulbs, loose handles and old windshield wipers. A good broker, like Motorhome Finders,  will also advise you on what major repairs, if any, will boost your selling power. Consigning your RV means that you have help every step of the way from a broker that is experienced in selling all types of motorhomes.

At Motorhome Finders, we charge a flat fee so that you don’t have to worry that selling your preowned RV for a higher price will end up costing you more. We find qualified RV buyers that are ready to purchase their next luxury motorhome now. We also advertise in nationwide magazines, RV classifieds, and national motorhome listing websites which drive traffic to our site where your listing is highly visible. Additionally, we help you arrange to show your motorhome, handle the paperwork and oversee necessary repairs. Selling your preowned motorhome with us is smart because it saves you time, money & hassle!

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