Is RV consignment the best way to sell my motorhome?

RV consignment is a great way to sell your motorhome. Selling your motorhome takes resources, time and knowledge. If you don’t have enough of any or all of these things, you may end up getting less than your preowned RV is worth. The sale of your RV could also take considerably longer when you try to sell on your own. You could spend hours researching pricing information, handling inquiries that lead nowhere, arranging test drives with buyers who aren’t qualified to purchase your luxury motorhome, paying for ads in various publications and only reaching a limited audience. While you are handling all of these aspects of the sale you are still responsible for cleaning and repairing your used motorhome.

There are many advantages to selling your motorhome on consignment. You set the price but with our input. Motorhome Finders advises you on the current Fair Market Value of your preowned motorhome as well as how competitors are pricing their preowned RVs. This information will help you feel confident that your list price is competitive. Once you have decided on a list price we put your RV in front of a large audience of qualified buyers. We advertise nationwide in both print and digital media so your RV will be seen by a nationwide audience. We also have the ability to take trade-ins, which is very attractive to potential buyers. Showing your recreational vehicle is important and we will assist you in setting up appointments to show your RV. Once we find a qualified motorhome buyer for your preowned RV we handle the paperwork, making sure that all parties receive the appropriate papers to complete the transaction. The only thing you need to handle is getting your RV ready to show. We will advise you on cleaning and repairs that may need to be done, and Motorhome Finders can begin sending your customers to buy your RV!

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