How much should I sell my motor home for?

Once you’ve decided to sell your motor home, setting the price can be one of the most challenging aspects. There are many things to consider when deciding on a listing price. Motor home Finders can help you determine a fair market price for your motor home, and sell your motor home fast! The make, model, year, mileage, class and condition will all affect your selling price, as well as the features on your used motor home.

Assessing the Condition

Document any mechanical repairs that are needed, big and small. Taking note of any body damage and cosmetic wear and tear, such as stains and rips is also essential. It is important to know what things should be fixed before attempting to sell. Sometimes small repairs can greatly increase your selling power and help you get the most out of your motor home sale.

Does your luxury RV have the finest amenities? Make sure to list what makes your RV special. Upgrades can put you at the top of a motor home buyer’s list.

Determining Fair Market Value

Once you have assessed the condition of your preowned RV then it is time to determine the Fair Market Value of your preowned RV. Fair Market Value is what you can reasonably expect to sell your used motor home for in the current market. The easiest way to do this is to let Motor home Finders do the research for you and let you know what comparable used RVs are selling for, this will give you an idea of what an RV buyer is willing to pay for a luxury motor home in your area.

The Advantage of Selling with an RV Broker

Selling your motor home with Motor home Finders, a motor home broker, gives you an advantage over going it alone. We advise on resale value so you can be confidant that you are pricing your used motor home competitively. We know the market because we help sell RVs every day, so we can assist you in determining the Fair Market Value for your used RV. We also follow the market and trends and will advise you when there is a change in the current market. Knowing what repairs are beneficial to you as an RV seller can give you an advantage and we can assist with that, too!

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