Frequently asked questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions we receive here at Motorhome Finders. If you do not find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to contact us and ask our professionals any question related to the buying and selling of motorhomes.

Do you sell preowned Prevosts?

Yes! Prevost bus conversions are a leader in their class and we are happy to sell preowned Prevosts. Prevost conversion coaches are great for those that plan on driving their luxury motorhome often. The comfort and smooth ride of a Prevost is top-of-the-line because they are built with extended livi....Find out more

How do I choose the right motor home to buy?

Choosing a motor home that is right for you and your family can be difficult, especially if you aren’t sure what to look for in buying an RV. Motor home travel is a very personal endeavor; choosing the right motor home for you is personal as well. Consider your RV lifestyle The most importan....Find out more

How do I know when it’s time to sell my motor home?

Parting with a motor home that has been a part of your life for years can be difficult. In most cases, it has been a part of many adventures and memories. So how do you know when it’s time to move on to another RV? It’s a tough question, and the answer can be different for everyone, but here are....Find out more

How do I sell my motor home on consignment?

Selling your preowned motor home on consignment is simple! Selling your used RV on your own takes a lot of time and dedication. Pricing, advertising and repairs are just a few of the aspects of selling your preowned RV that need to be taken care of. The price you fetch for your luxury motor home cou....Find out more

How much should I sell my motor home for?

Once you’ve decided to sell your motor home, setting the price can be one of the most challenging aspects. There are many things to consider when deciding on a listing price. Motor home Finders can help you determine a fair market price for your motor home, and sell your motor home fast! The make,....Find out more

Is RV consignment the best way to sell my motorhome?

RV consignment is a great way to sell your motorhome. Selling your motorhome takes resources, time and knowledge. If you don’t have enough of any or all of these things, you may end up getting less than your preowned RV is worth. The sale of your RV could also take considerably longer when you try....Find out more

What does it mean to sell your motorhome on consignment?

Consigning your motorhome is a great way to sell! Selling on consignment means that a third party, such as a motorhome broker, assists you in the sale of your used motorhome. This third party handles aspects such as listing your RV, finding appropriate buyers, advertising and advising you on all fac....Find out more

What is a bus conversion?

A bus conversion is, simply, a bus that has been converted to a luxury recreational vehicle. Bus conversions have a bus chassis and are classified as Class A motorhomes, which are the largest motorhomes on the market. A typical conversion involves purchasing an older school or city bus, gutting the ....Find out more

What is a Class B Motorhome?

Opposite the Class A motorhome, the Class B motorhome is the smallest motorized RV, with starting prices at $50,000 to over $100,000. A Class B motorhome is more like a converted family van than a towering luxury motorhome. It is quite cozy for two people going on a romantic outing; but may be close....Find out more

What is a Class B Plus Motorhome?

A Class B + (Plus) motorhome is the best of both a class B motorhome and a Class C motorhome. A Class B Plus takes the maneuverability and compact size of a Class B motorhome and adds the great aspects of a Class C RV, like slide-out floor plans, and larger chassis, which can accommodate more sleepi....Find out more