Fall is the picture perfect time to travel!


MHF crowded motor homesIf you made any travel plans this summer, you may have run into a problem: overcrowding at RV parks. Maybe you even had to skip out on your favorite destinations, or at least reschedule. It happens, especially during the summer months.

But fall is here, and many of the families who hit the road during the summer have settled into routines of school, work and football. As a result, many of the parks that were a hassle to visit are now empty, ready and waiting for you to visit!

For those RVers who don’t like the hustle and bustle of summer traveling, fall is the perfect time to travel. Besides the now-relaxed atmosphere at RV parks across the nation, you’ll find that the weather is pleasant. Head out to you favorite parks, or find one you’ve never visited before. Hit the road!

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