What Factors Account for The Continued Demand of RVs?

Demand of RV


Mechanical yet dreamy, solitary yet clubby, independent yet needful, adventurous yet homebound; life in a motor home is a culmination of the American character and the prime embodiment of US exceptionalism. This explains why the RV, despite having experienced various ups and downs over the years, has yet to fall out of the American consciousness. In fact, since its rebirth as a cultural icon, the vehicle has become more popular than ever. RV shipments till early 2017 totaled 73,287 units – a significant increase of 8.6 percent for the same period in the previous year and the seventh consecutive annual increase. This proves that the motor home remains as popular as ever. But what factors contribute to this sustained popularity?

The Promise of a More Fulfilled and Active Lifestyle

Millennials have become one of the biggest consumers of RVs (Source: nypost.com), and it can be attributed to the health benefits associated with the vehicle.  When traveling on the road, RV-ers not only eat better, but they also sleep in their own beds and have access to their own bathroom facilities. This contributes to an overall healthier lifestyle, which is a big draw for millennials (Source: commercemagnj.com). RV travel allows people to experience Nature in all her splendor and take part in outdoor activities. Moreover, in our busy schedules, quality family time is something that’s sorely missing, but an RV helps us rectify the situation and foster stronger bonds with loved ones.

Domestic Tourism

Americans have always shared a close bond with their RVs. For the young, it is a rite of passage; for those later in their lives, a motor home helps them realize their lifelong dream to be nomadic, spontaneous, and free. No wonder,  Americans set out on RV road trips, establishing this as the traditional means for the locals to participate in domestic tourism.

Interest Among Baby Boomers

The RV industry has received a lot of attention, thanks to the massive retirement of Baby Boomers, a large number of whom wish to buy RVs after retirement. (Source: www.equities.com)

Diverse Utilities

RVs are not just meant for vacation travel; they have diverse use, including traveling with pets, outdoor sports, business, tailgating, and other leisure activities.

RVs are more popular now than ever before, and if you’ve been waiting to buy such a vehicle, there’s no time like the present. To find a suitable used motor home that meets your budget, get in touch with us today.

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