How to Ensure That Your RV is Level

RV levelDo you find it impossible to get sound sleep in your newly-bought RV on account of the head being lower than the foot of the bed? Do you find that food in your refrigerator is a little warm? No, your RV is not haunted; it may just not be level.  Thankfully, you can address the issue yourself. Here are a few options to try:

Wood Stacks

The simplest and most cost-effective way to ensure that your RV is level is to place a few planks under the tires of your vehicle. However, although this method may seem foolproof on the surface, there is one clear drawback – the storage of all the wood that you would need. You also have to be cautious so that the stack holds together while you attempt to run up on it with the vehicle tires.

Leveling Blocks

Leveling blocks are easy to use and store. They are typically sturdy, which means you can confidently pull your RV onto them. You just have to snap the plastic pieces together to form a stable ramp. Once you are ready to leave the campground, just pull away the pieces and store them inside a compact case. Sometimes, your RV may feel a bit unstable even after you have leveled it. In that case, you need to adopt some stabilizing mechanisms. Choose the RV stabilizer that’s best for you. The options include stabilizing jack stands, permanently mounted stabilizing jacks, and electric jack stands.

RV-ing is fun; all you need to do is be conscious of a few basic things. If you need any help with finding the right RV, contact us today.

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