What to do If Your Engine is Overheating

Overheating RV EngineWhen the needle in the engine temperature gauge shows a significant rightward shift or a red light starts flashing frantically on the dash panel, you know that your vehicle is trying to convey some danger signals to you. All it’s trying to say is – the engine is overheating. Don’t allow the engine to get overheated further, it may crack!

If you see the gauge rising or the light blinking, move to the side of the road and stop. It’s time to call a towing service company and take your rig to the nearest repairing facility. But before you find a safe place to pull over, you have to take a few necessary steps to minimize danger.

Turn off the AC

Your motor home’s air conditioning system consumes a huge amount of energy. You can lower the load on the engine significantly by turning off the AC.

Switch on the Cabin Heater

Switch on the heater to increase the cabin temperature. Set the fan on its highest. This will help transfer some of the engine’s heat from the engine into the passenger compartment. Forget discomfort – it is one of the ways to keep engine damage at the minimum as long as the ignition is on.

When Trapped in the Traffic, Rev up the Engine

If you can’t pull over due to high traffic, shift into the neutral gear and rev the engine. This will increase the engine’s fan speed, and also activate the water pump. This will supply an extra gush of air and fluid through the radiator. It will cool down your engine a bit.

Pull over at the First Opportunity

Shutting down the engine as early as possible is important, but don’t pull over until you spot a safe parking place. Next, call up an emergency roadside service and have the rig towed to a repairing facility in the vicinity.

Overheating is a serious mechanical issue and turning a blind eye to your rig’s overheating signals can be suicidal. Therefore, never ignore the signals.

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