How to Deal with Motion Sickness in Children during Long Drives

RV Long TripKids in the two to 12 year age group are particularly susceptible to motion sickness. For parents, it’s hard to watch their little ones suffer. Although you cannot help if your child is prone to feeling sick during long drives, you can definitely try a few tricks to help reduce the little one’s discomfort level. For your convenience, we have broken down the list of tips in three categories:

Before You Leave

Kids are likely to feel uncomfortable during a road trip both on a full and empty stomach. Therefore, you should take a middle path. Don’t give them a large meal just before starting the journey.  A light snack such as crackers will supply them with the energy they need without making them feel too full. For that matter, also avoid spicy and greasy food and caffeinated drinks. Try to start in the early morning when the kids remain sleepy. Sleeping through the major part of the ride will help minimize their discomfort.

During the Ride

Our body has several motion sensing organs, namely the eyes, inner ears, and nerves. Motion sickness occurs when the brain receives conflicting signals from these different body parts. Due to their short heights, kids cannot see through the windows, while their inner ears keep on sensing the motion. These conflicting signals produce sickness in kids. Keep your child’s seat in an elevated position, so that he can see through the windshield.

Stop him from reading books, watching movies, playing video games, or indulging in any kind of activity that calls for visual focus and looking down. Instead, make him take part in activities such as listening to music or playing word games. If nothing clicks, then simply encourage him to look out of the window.

If your child is old enough, make him sit in the front. It helps considerably to prevent sickness.

Make sure your RV has adequate ventilation.

Smelly food or tobacco smoke can make your kid sick, so keep these items out of the car at all costs.

Let him rest his head against a pillow to avoid unnecessary head movements.

Whenever he complains of sickness, give him flavored lozenges. The ginger and lemon-flavored varieties work particularly well in cutting down discomfort.

Make them drink plenty of water to keep them hydrated.

If Your Child Gets Sick

Take a short break from driving. Make him lie on his back with eyes closed. Sponging his face with a damp cloth will give him some relief. If symptoms persist, you may consider giving him Avomine that’s available over-the-counter, but only after you have consulted your pediatrician.

Kids are the life and soul of a vacation. Naturally, the fun of a road trip is lost entirely if the little ones are not in good spirit.  Follow our tips and stop motion sickness from playing the spoilsport. Enjoy your ride with happy kids giving you company. After all, you have bought the motor home to have some fun. So why compromise?

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