How to Deal With Frozen Doors and Windows of RV

RV Fozen DoorsWhat would it be like parking your RV beside a frozen lake? The temperature is something like – 20 and it is taking too much time to cook anything in the kitchen. Adventure – isn’t it? But what if you find the door and windows all frozen after returning from a short walk, and you are unable to get inside the RV? You will be definitely frustrated, blaming yourself, the weather as well as the whole idea of camping in a super-cold region. There is no way such blames can help you to open the doors or the windows. Try the following tips instead.

Frozen Door Locks Solution

  1. If you are trying to open the door using the door key, do not force it. Instead, dip it in petroleum jelly and wiggle it a number of times; the door will open gradually.
  1. If the lock is already frozen, use a de-icer and spray it on the region to melt the ice.
  1. You can even heat the key before inserting it in the lock. But make sure you are wearing an oven mitt or gloves while heating it. Once you put the key inside, the heat will melt the ice and you can open the RV door. However, do not try this trick if your key is made of plastic material.
  1. If the weather condition is windy, use a hairdryer to warm the lock. Just put a cardboard tube over the frozen lock and blow the air through it. Keep doing this for some time and the lock will be ice-free!
  1. You can also find lock lubricant in the market.

Frozen Windows

Just wait until the interior of your RV warms up. This will melt the ice stuck on the windows and you can open them easily. Do not force the power button to open the window as this can break the motor and you will be stuck with a costly repairing job.

Frozen ice is very hard and strong, so do not try to do anything with your bare hands as that will afflict injuries. Take necessary precautions and try any of the above methods to deal with frozen doors and windows.

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