Christmas Gift Ideas for those looking for Luxury RVs for Sale from Motor Home Finders

Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet? …Who are we kidding? We haven’t either. Besides perhaps being in the market for a used class a motorhome for sale, there are all the other obligations we face this time of year.

But we are willing to share some ideas from our list to help you shop for the RV owners on yours. Gift ideas that are so simple that they are often overlooked, and so important that they show a rare thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

Gifts like…

A Travel Journal to Record Their Adventures

RVing is all about adventures and the treasured memories that come with them. Keeping a journal lets an RVer track of all of their road trip experiences. If your favorite RVer has a creative leaning and loves to express themself, this is a perfect gift. Bonus points if you get a customized cover that they’ll love!

Keeping Toothbrushes Clean and Secure

While on the road, it can be hard to keep your toothbrush clean and secure. The Pop-a-Toothbrush is a little box that hangs on the wall and makes sure two toothbrushes are protected from germs and not going anywhere until you need them. Toothbrush storage can be easily overlooked, even by the most seasoned RVers, so it’s a very thoughtful gift.

Clean Air, Anywhere

Natural air purifiers are compact and convenient, requiring no power to operate. They contain natural coals that suck up the nastiness in an RV’s air and ensures that its occupants breathe easy the whole trip. Clean air in a motor home is something that’s often overlooked, but this gift will definitely be appreciated once they experience the difference.

Taking Ownership of Their Campsite

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give an RV owner is a personalized sign to help them make their RV or campsite feel more “theirs.” Make it yourself, order one, or commission an artsy friend to help you out. Regardless, we’re sure this will be a treasured gift!

And there you go! Something to get you started. Make your list, check it twice, and have an amazing holiday season!

Motor Home Finders is a licensed motor home broker based in New Port Richey, Florida. Specializing in diesel, luxury motor homes and bus conversions, Motor Home Finders has 50+ years of experience in buying and selling luxury RVs nationwide. Their mission is to eliminate the difficult efforts of private sellers trying to sell their recreational vehicle by orchestrating a seamless RV transaction process. To learn more, call 1-888-783-4009 or visit

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