How to Choose the Perfect Awning for Your RV?

RV AwningBuying an RV can often be a confusing experience for newbies since there are many features that need to be checked. Overlooking certain important aspects is not uncommon either, and one of the most common aspects being overlooked is the RV awning. However, if you think of it, the awning is much more than a cosmetic change for your RV. You will truly appreciate this fixture when you’re parked in a spot that hardly has any shade and when the hot sun is beating down on you. An awning offers you protection against the harsh rays and makes staying outdoors comfortable. Here are the things you must keep in mind while selecting an RV awning:

Why Does the Material of the Awning Matter?

The material you pick for your awning will primarily determine its durability. The end panels and drapes on your awning tend to become brittle over time and they may rot owing to continued exposure to harsh weather conditions. Constant wear and tear also takes a toll on an RV awning. High quality drapes tend to last longer. You will not have to replace them again and again, nor will you have to use duct tape to patch rips and tears in your drapes. No matter what material you select, make sure it is tough and tear-resistant and that it comes with a long warranty period.

Size of the Awning

To select the right size awning for your RV, you must first measure the length of the awning’s roller tube. You must then consider how close to the ground you want the shade to hang. While some people prefer to let it hang a bit high, others want longer shades so they are able to tether the end down to the ground slightly away from the trailer.


Awnings are available in a variety of styles, but the two most common categories are awning end panels and awning drapes. Awning drapes work like regular drapes and are available in different colors. Awning end panels, on the other hand, allow you to enclose the awning area.

When you decide to buy an RV, an awning should be on your checklist. It might not be a priority, but it helps if you check what you’re getting beforehand. You never know when it might come in handy.

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