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RV Sales Surge During Covid-19 Pandemic

According to the RV Industry Association (RVIA), wholesale shipments of motor homes reached their highest monthly total in June of 2020 since October of 2018. For good reason. People who buy motorhomes found the ideal way to social distance and yet still see the world. While many in this country were shutting down and laying low, RV’ers were taking to the road in record numbers and finding a safe, Covid-clean way to cope and still enjoy life to the fullest.

Working remotely for the first time is part of the equation.

Many people who commuted to work each day before the Pandemic discovered that they could do their jobs virtually almost anywhere. As long as they had a laptop and WIFI, they could tackle their to-do list from the kitchen table of an RV just as easily as from a home office. This gave American workers unprecedented freedom and allowed them to explore freedom to see the world and still work on their careers. In fact, some people buy RVs that are even equipped with dedicated workspaces that can be stowed away when it’s time to punch out on the clock.
There are more first-time home RV buyers than ever before.

This new “normal” led to more first-time RV’ers.

During Covid, first-time RV buyers accounted for more than 50 to 80 percent of their buyers, compared with just 25 to 35 percent one year ago. Many dealerships and brokers report that their buyers are younger than ever before as well. RVs gave these new buyers a great way to “shelter in place” while not being restricted in their movements. Plus, RV’ing is a safer option than flying or staying in hotels, which further spurred their popularity over the spring and summer.

Easing restrictions makes Fall a great time to hit the open road.

In the beginning of the shutdown this Spring, many RV’ers arrived to find locked gates at state and national parks and at some private campgrounds. In most states, those restrictions are easing, even though there might be social distancing guidelines and mask mandates still in place. ToGo RV lists a handy treasure trove of national campground information that offers links to the National Forest System, Bureau of Land Management, National Park System, KOA, and more. They also offer helpful guides and links to parks by state you can click on to learn more from the comfort of your desktop.

Ready to upgrade or start RV’ing for the first time?

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