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RV Destinations to Kick Off Summer Vacation

It won’t be very long until millions of children will be out of school and ready for a few months of freedom: summer vacation! If your kids are among this group, kick off summer vacation the right way with a family roadtrip! We have ideas for you, no matter which region of the US you call home!

If you live in the northwest, Crater Lake in Oregon is a perfect spot to visit for a day or two. Volcanic destruction has given birth to this marvelous body of unbelievably blue water, surrounded by the stunning reds and grays of the rock and bright greens of the Oregon forest. A scenic way to kick off summer!

If you are in the southwest, celebrate summer vacation with a trip to Utah and one of the coolest National Parks around. Zion National Park is well-loved by vacationing families for its variety of outdoors activities. Spend a few days here to kick off summer vacation and you’ll find yourselves on a new adventure each day—hiking, horseback riding, spelunking, and more!

Middle America, a quick family road trip to St. Louis is what you need to start summer vacation off right. There is plenty to see and do in this centrally-located city, and with baseball season just getting into full swing, Busch Stadium is the perfect place to take in a ballgame, in full view of both the river and the famous arch

Just a couple of hours from anywhere in the southeast, Birmingham is an awesome place to visit to make the transition from school to summer. Visit historic landmarks that your kids probably spent time learning about in class, and see the amazing Vulcan statue, but you don’t have to make the trip to this southern city just about learning: there’s minor league baseball, country music, and some of the best barbecue you’ll ever taste to be had there.

For those in the northeast, the perfect RV way to kick off summer vacation is by taking a trip up the road from Baltimore to Acadia National Park in Maine. This scenic route takes you through many terrific New England cities, including Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and Portland, in full view of some of the most beautiful bridges and landscapes the region has to offer. Plus, if you’re a family of foodies, this trip is a dream!

No matter what route you choose to take to kick off your family’s summer vacation, make it memorable by traveling together in your home on wheels! A family that RVs together, stays together!


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3 Tips for A Cross-Country RV Trip

Cross-Country RV Trip

So you’re setting off across the country in your motor home and looking forward to an epic road trip. When you are hitting the great American roads,  so many things are on your mind –  the route you must take, the kind of food you should eat, which places to explore, and more. Now traveling on the open road can be a little daunting when you are clueless how to handle these challenges. However,  with a little planning, you can turn it into the best trip of your life that you will cherish forever. Therefore, do your homework before you take your position behind the wheel. Here are a few tips:

1. Choose the Best Route

Traveling in a motor home is different than exploring the country in your car. Steep mountain roads, underpasses, and lower clearance bridges are a big no, especially if you are driving a Class A rig – the largest of all RVs with an average height of 10 feet. We Leverage  GPS services to plan the best route. Take the less-traveled roads and expressways. Study RV-friendly maps carefully to move from one destination to the other. Taking the secondary roads is also beneficial in other ways because you can meet the locals, taste local food, and experience the country culture first hand.

2. Go Slow

When you are on a cross-country road, take your time to visit the next destination. Make sure you have a couple of week’s time when exploring coastal cities or beach towns. Travel at your own pace to visit places of history in America. Go slow, stop by scenic spots, and enjoy the spectacular views around. Remember you are RV-ing, not participating in a car rally.

3. Do not Pack Too Much Stuff

You will not need half of the things that you pack for a cross-country trip. You will be wearing two pairs of jeans for the entire trip. So why pack ten pairs when you do not need them. Space matters a lot in a cross-country trip. Pack essential items such as medicines, camping gear, hiking shoes, and mosquito repellants if you are planning to pitch a tent outdoors.

A cross-country RV trip is all about the experience. Make sure that you make the most of it. Be a tourist, relax in the lap of nature, and walk around. And if you want to upgrade to a new model, contact us today.

How to Grow An Indoor Herb Garden in Your Motor Home

Indoor Herb Garden

There is nothing like culinary herbs when it comes to giving your gourmet dishes a delectable flavor. You can grow most of these herbs right in your kitchen, and even in your motor home. So if you are a full-time RV-er and feel envious of people with a front garden where they can plant what they like from flowering blooms to herbs, you need not feel jealous, anymore. That’s because creating an indoor herb garden in your home-on-wheels is not at all difficult. And it lets you have some DIY fun in the process, too. Moreover, a kitchen- garden is compact, easy to care and maintain. So check out how to grow one in your rolling home.

Choose the Right Herb Varieties for Cultivating

Some herbs are not suitable for growing in small pots. We recommend that you include herbs like basil, mint, marjoram, chives, balm, lemon, rosemary, thyme, and oregano in your kitchen garden. Place your containers near east-facing windows so that they receive adequate sunlight in the morning. Remember that some plants like basil may require artificial grow lights in addition to natural sunshine. You can also put these plants outdoors when you stay for a few days in an RV park.

Use Deep Planters

Always choose deep containers with drainage holes at the base for drainage. Place a thin layer of pebbles below and then potting soil. Herbs you grow in your RV will take around three to four weeks before you use them to season your meals.

Care for Your Greens

Water your plants regularly but first, find out how much watering each variety needs. Use natural fertilizer when required so that the herbs receive the essential nutrients. Prune them on a periodic basis for enhanced growth. Check the soil regularly to ensure that it is not drying out. Your herbs should look beautiful, healthy, and green to add flavors to your meals.

Growing an indoor herb garden is a great way to beautify your RV, and to make your on-the-go meals more savory. With a small herb-garden in your kitchen, you will not have to spend on costly ingredients for preparing lip-smacking delicacies. Add them to your salad or barbeque meals to enhance their taste, aroma and flavor. And in case you need further information about our motor homes on offer for sale, contact us now.

3 Photogenic Spots to Visit in Your Home on Wheels

America’s 3 Scenic Spots to Visit in Your Motor Home

A picture is worth a thousand words and so, your travel photographs help you to share with your friends everything that you saw and did on your vacation. The USA has always remained a shutterbug’s paradise. The picturesque spots and natural wonders of the US are as diverse and vast as the Americans who live in this country. Whether it is a mountain lake, a verdant forest, a national park, an arid stretch of desert, a pristine beach, or a redwood forest swathed in fog, every state has its own jewels to keep tourists mesmerized and photographers busy. If you aspire to capture the beauty of the country’s dramatic landscape through your lenses, embark on an epic road trip in your motor home. Why?  RV-ing is the perfect way to travel off the beaten path, explore the country’s most photogenic locations at your own pace and go on taking snaps till that perfect shot. So what are the best places to photograph in the USA? There are dozens. This article discusses only three of these picture-perfect spots that need to be in your RV travel bucket-list:

Antelope Canyon

Situated in Arizona, this scenic spot features on the must-see list of many photography aficionados. Though not as famous as the Grand Canyon, exploring the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon will give plenty of opportunities to click some stunning pictures. Make sure you carry a high-end DSLR camera to capture eye-catching snaps of the scenic trails, a strange interplay of light and shadows, and spectacular rock formations. Invest in some high-quality macro lenses to capture the intricate details of the dark walls of Antelope Canyon.

White River Campground

This campground in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, and seated on the banks of the river presents jaw-dropping mountain views. Your vantage point is D29 from where you can click the best pictures. The scenic campground is also close to Sunrise Point, which is 6,400 feet above sea level, and an ideal spot to take in the beauty of the morning hues creating a magical atmosphere over the snow-capped mountains. Indeed, it is a sight to behold!

Yellowstone National Park

Located in Wyoming, this is one of the tops sites in the US from a photographer’s perspective.  Packed with spectacular vistas, natural wonders, gushing geyser Old Faithful, cascading waterfalls, and diverse animal life, the Yellowstone National Park is the coveted destination for amateur and seasoned photographers. If you love wildlife photography, explore the sharp mountain passes. Here, you can come face to face with black bears, wolves, foxes, and many more. Stretching over 3,500 square miles, this remarkable place has too much to offer to passionate photographers.

Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a novice planning to create your first-ever photographic travel memoir, visit these three places to enrich your experience and improving your skills. Believe us, all three have their go-to spots, where you can put your camera to good use. And if you are yet to find a suitable RV to take you places, or looking to upgrade your existing unit, we are here to help. Contact us now.

3 Mistakes First Time RV-Ers Must Avoid

3 RV Mistakes

So, you are up for your first-ever RV trip!  Perhaps your mind is now preoccupied with all exciting things like how you would get up, close, and personal with nature, romance the starry nights, and eat barbequed meat a la seasoned campers.  Wait. Have you done your road-safety home works, yet? Most newbies make some of the common mistakes when hitting the roads for the first time because they come unprepared. But you will surely not want to hit the highways without knowing about the different rules of using a motor home, first. Fortunately, you can avoid the biggest mistakes with planning, research, and homework. To make your job easy, here we will tell you about  three common mistakes that you must avoid when you are on your first-ever RV trip:

Rushing Around

Motor homes are ideal for exploring beach towns, appreciating scenic beauty, and building a campfire in the forest – but you must travel at a leisurely pace without moving too quickly. RV-ing under pressure and scheduling too frequently will result in an awful traveling experience. Go slow, instead. Take in the beauty of nature and enjoy the fragrance of flowers. Get to learn about a new place, the locals, sightseeing spots, and places to eat. Instead of visiting too many places in a short span, make the most of your RV-ing experience by exploring a single spot, at a time.

Driving Dangerously

Remember, maneuvering a 40 feet behemoth is a different ballgame altogether from driving a family sedan or even an SUV. So, when you are RV-ing for the first time, keep this difference in mind and drive, accordingly. Rushing on busy highways can prove dangerous. Your rash driving can put so many people at risk – yourself, your passengers as well as the other vehicles on the road.

Overloading Your Motor Home

If you own a Class A rig or a different model with adequate storage space, there is nothing like it. However, it does not imply that you will have to cram every corner of the vehicle and shove things into closets unnecessarily. Carrying your entire home in your rig will clutter the space. Over-packing will not only make traveling inconvenient but also make your RV too heavy to ascend a mountain road.

If you are up for your first-ever RV trip, our advice is stay cool on the road.  Also, plan, prepare and do your homework, right. Learn from others’ mistakes and visit RV websites to know what seasoned RV-ers have to say on this matter. Know how to avoid the mistakes and travel stress-free.  For all other RV-related queries, feel free to contact us.

Embracing a Fulltime RV Lifestyle – Who Does That?

Fulltime RV Lifestyle

The idea of leaving a sprawling home only to move into a 40-feet box might sound crazy to most people, but there are millions of Americans who live on the open road. Who are those brave hearts who have happily ditched the bricks and sticks and embraced a lifestyle charged fully with challenges and adventures? Read on to know:

People with a Go-Slow Philosophy

Not everybody wants to be a part of the rat race. You will meet many high-flying professionals from every walk of life who crave for a slower and ‘purer’ lifestyle. Thus, among full-time RV-ers, you are likely to find a number of professionals who have happily shunned lucrative jobs for a rugged lifestyle on the highways. What’s more, they find no problems in finding seasonal or temporary employment to sustain themselves. They accept positions for a limited period and then again set off for a new destination. Creative people like writers, artists, photographers, and movie makers mostly make up this RV community segment. This nomadic demography also includes sharp business persons and shrewd consultants who are in a position to operate remotely and earn while they travel.


For obvious reasons, retirees find the idea of driving their homes from coast to coast and city to city overly attractive. They have worked all their lives, built up wealth, brought up children and now it’s time for them to relax. However, the fit and active retirees interpret the word ‘relaxation’ differently from their ordinary home-bound counterparts.  For them, relaxation means basking in the sun on the beaches, chasing the wind in high altitudes, or interacting with nature in picturesque Locations. Not all of them have an inflated retirement fund; it is just that with their yearning for a lifestyle change, they learned the ABCs of frugal living. Also, they have learned the effective management of their Social Security incomes for a comfortable lifestyle on the road.

People Engaged in Professions That Require Travel

Traveling is an integral part of many occupations. Thus, from construction workers to mobile nurses and from writers to consultants, individuals with a thirst for adventure and a penchant for exploration, find it convenient to own a wheeled home that they can take from one job location to the next.

People Who Rally Behind a Cause

Some people are not just born to live a mundane life guided by petty self-interests. They believe in living for a cause. Even voicing support for a cause is not adequate for them; they believe in sweating it out on the field and join nonprofit organizations, churches, and international agencies to work for the people in distress or raise awareness on a variety of issues. Living in a wheeled home frees them from the obligation and responsibility of maintaining a brick and mortar existence, and managing the nitty-gritty of a mundane life.

Does the life on the road appeal to you, and the experiences of these new ‘nomads’ inspire you to embrace the lifestyle of a different kind? Well, before taking the plunge, make sure you have planned your steps well. All the successful RV-ers have reportedly done that. Our experienced staff can help you choose a suitable motor home for embarking on a new lifestyle.

Norma Jean Bauerschmidt – The Nonagenarian Who Ditched Chemo for an Epic Road Trip

The Nonagenarian's Road Trip

Doesn’t ‘Life’ unfold in the present? But most of us just allow the present slip away, worrying about the future unnecessarily or grudging the past. But one frail nonagenarian made sure that her life story stays  far from being mediocre. She decided to take up a cross-country road trip, instead of getting herself confined to the four walls of a cancer hospital. In doing so, she taught millions of Americans so much about embracing the present moment.

Have you always dreamt of taking up that epic road trip, but always had to delay it for the sake of your life’s other priorities? Well, you need to know about Miss Norma. The indomitable spirit of this 91-year-old lady will inspire you to pursue your dream and do it right now.

When diagnosed with cancer, most people would choose to fight it tooth and nail. But not Norma Jean Bauerschmid – a World War II Navy veteran and a member of Women Accepted for Voluntary Service (WAVES). She may remind you of your own grandma, but don’t go by her outer shell. The frailty actually camouflages the passion and willpower that runs beneath.

When told by the doctor that she had cancer and needed chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, Norma decided to forego the treatment and experience adventure. She decided to join her son Tim and his wife, Ramie, who lead a nomadic lifestyle in a motor home. The moment she hit the road on 24 August 2015, Norma became a celebrity, thanks to her daughter-in-law Ramie, who set up the Facebook page, “Driving Miss Norma.” Since then, this unusual travelogue has been followed by more than 400,000 people on the page.

So, how did the trip go?

She made sure that a single moment is not wasted during the journey. So, her itinerary included it all –   Old Faithful, Mount Rushmore, and even the Grand Canyon. She attended a felicitation event aboard an aircraft carrier, looking fab in a hard hat and safety goggles.  What’s more? On the way to Georgia, she even had her first-ever pedicure. During the entire span, she rode 13,000 miles across 32 US states and stopped at 75 different destinations.  According to her family, there was a visible improvement on her health during the span of the journey. And the series of photographs posted on Facebook shows how happy she has been throughout the trip.

Live in the moment and let life take its course– this was what Norma taught the world. Why keep postponing that epic trip? Life is too short to wait for a better,more convenient moment. Your moment comes only now; make the most of it. And if you require some professional assistance for purchasing a suitable motor home for your dream trip, contact us right away.

3 Secluded National Parks You Must Visit in the US

National Parks

The American national parks have some of the scenic landscapes, deep forests, lakes, and rich history in the country. Though many of them remain crowded throughout the year, there are parks, which are hidden and secluded, where the visitor count is only in thousands. Are you looking to camp in places away from your city’s boring skyline?  If yes, say goodbye to the noise, traffic, and crowds to appreciate the beauty of these less-frequented national parks in the US.

1. Dry Tortugas National Park

Located in the Sunshine State, this national park is about 70 miles west of the island of Key West, which is 150 miles south of the mainland. This is one of the secluded parks in the country, where you will find the historic Fort Jefferson. You will have to board a seaplane or a ferry to appreciate its beauty. The seven islands of Key West surrounded by the turquoise blue waters are a treat to every traveler’s eyes. A nature preserve surrounds the fort, providing plenty of snorkeling opportunities for RV-ers. It is one of the least frequented parks in the US. Just so you know, only 65,000 or fewer tourists visited it in 2014. So, gang up with your friends to explore the fort, take a dip in the warm waters, or camp under the star-studded night sky.

2. Katmai National Park

Seated on the Kodiak Island and southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, this national park covers four million acres of land that includes the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; a low-lying area filled with an ash flow from the 1912 volcanic explosion of Novarupta. The place is known for its wildlife including wolves, caribous, wolverines, and moose. It is also home to about 2,000 grizzly bears that thrive on the eggs of salmons.

3. Bryce Canyon National Park

With 1.4 million footfalls in 2014, this national park is popular for its sandstone hoodoos formed due to frost weathering and erosion. Only a handful tourists frequent this beautiful desert landscape, which was occupied by Native Americans initially and afterward by Mormon pioneers back in the 1850s.

Visit some of the US national parks that have breathtaking natural beauty and an abundance of spectacular landscapes. These are some of the most beautiful places to travel in your motor home.

5 Best US Campgrounds You Can Visit to Cool Off This Summer

US Campgrounds

When the temperature pushes 90 degrees and above, your skin burns under the scorching heat of the sun, and your pool feels like a hot tub. But you can always escape to some of the camping grounds in America and stay cool even when the sun is shining bright. Camping by a picturesque lake sounds great, right? Here are five best US campgrounds for a refreshing summer escape:

1. Zephyr Cove Resort

Located just across the border of California and Nevada, this campground gives you a spectacular view of the mountain and Lake Tahoe. You will find RV and tent sites just a couple of minutes away from the Zephyr Cove Resort. The resort offers services like a private beach, a restaurant, horseback riding, lake cruises, and marina boat rentals. It is the best of both worlds, mesmerizing RV-ers with the stunning beauty of an unspoiled mountain and lake setting. The other campsite facilities include full electrical connections, a fire ring, and a picnic table.

2. Moss Creek Campground

Situated in Skamania County, Washington, this campsite is close to the Columbia River, towards the southeast corner of the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest. It is seated next to the White Salmon River, surrounded by cedar, maple, fir, and hemlock trees, the thick canopies providing a cool shade to help you avoid the summer heat. It is one the best locations for motor home enthusiasts who want to explore the river and unwind with their family and friends. You can pitch a tent in this campsite, but it is suitable for campers with smaller rigs.

3. Lake Chelan State Park

Pack your bags and head for this campground in Washington popular for the state’s biggest natural lake. Seated on the south shore, Lake Chelan State Park has cool camping spots for RVs and tents. Have a great time sailboarding, water skiing, swimming, or fishing.

4. Grand Marais RV Park and Campground

Seated on a peninsula between Grand Marais Harbor and Lake Superior in Minnesota, this place is perfect for vacationers looking for some peace and isolation. There are more than 300 campsites with a firebox and picnic table. The camping spots vary from being modern a set-up with full electrical hookups to ancient ones hidden deep in the woods.

5. Lake Mead RV Village

Seated in the Lake Mead Recreation Area in Nevada, this campsite boasts natural sites, full electrical connections, and the best spots with the scenic views of the lake. With the temperatures soaring, this is one of the best campgrounds to take a cool and refreshing dip in Lake Mead. You can also choose to boat and fish in the lake.

Escape to one of these campgrounds to relax with your loved ones this summer. You can swim, boat, fish, and unwind without bothering about the hot summer sun.

One-Off Laundromats That RV-ers Love

Laundromats for RV-ers

Whether you are a full-time RV-er or just use your motor home for occasional summer trips across the US, at one point or the other, you will need to wash your clothes. You cannot wear them for days no matter how much you like to rough it. And if you happen to be in an RV park with no laundry facilities, you need to search for laundromats on the way. But washing your dirty clothes need not be an uninteresting chore if you know where to look. Here are a few unique laundromats that are more than just coin-operated washers:

Igor’s Lounge and Gameroom

Located in New Orleans, Los Angeles, this Laundromat gives you an opportunity to hang out with your buddies at a dive bar. You will find the dryers and washers at the back of the setup, but be prepared for some fun and excitement at the front of the establishment. Chill out with your friends with lip-smacking food and drinks or try your luck at a pool table at this local joint. You will love the karaoke nights at Igor’s Lounge and Gameroom complete with music, food, and drinks, while your clothes go for a wash. And if you are unable to sleep and want to utilize the time getting the laundry done, this laundromat is open round-the-clock and offers drink specials from 5 am to 7 am.

The Laundry Café

This laundromat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is open 24 hours. The place is spick and span with brilliant lights and has more than 145 modern dryers and washers of different sizes. The perks offered by The Laundry Café for bringing your dirty clothes here include free dry loads for garments that have been washed. The staff also unloads your clothes when you arrive, as a free service. You will also find a café where you can savor a sandwich and drink. The Kid’s Zone at this place is the perfect spot for RV-ers with children. You can wait for your laundry to finish while your kids can play safely without bothering others. Adults too can have fun in their play area with music, games, and flat screen TVs with Netflix and Wi-Fi connectivity. With the Game of Thrones Season 7 being aired this summer, you can even catch an episode of this epic fantasy drama while waiting for your clothes to be washed.

Brainwash Café & Laundromat

Situated in San Francisco, California, Brainwash Café and Laundromat is more than an ordinary laundry facility. If you’re an art lover, you will love the beautiful canvases which will give you a taste of the local art community. You can order food and beer to your heart’s content. This place is also known for its comedy shows.

Hitting the roads in a motor home is every travel aficionado’s dream. You enjoy the stunning views and scenic landscapes on the way without worrying about mundane tasks you do at home. But if you get to do your laundry in an interesting and fun way, there is nothing like it.