Can you get an extended warranty on a used luxury motor home?

MHF Bentsen-Palm-Village-TX-Motorhome-at-RV-Site-350x233RV Warranties come in many different shapes and sizes–much like your used diesel motor home itself. There are motor home extended warranty policies which cover just the most expensive items on your coach, such as the engine and power train. Other motor home warranties are created to cover the internal extras like audio visual components and appliances. Our highest recommended motor home warranty covers all working mechanical components aside from a specific list of exclusions.

If you buy an RV extended warranty on your motor home, travel trailer or fifth wheel, chances are you’ll be glad you did. Your extended warranty (service contract) will pay for repairs on your recreational vehicle after the manufacturer’s coverage has expired. Most RV manufacturers have a three year / 36,000 mile coverage on the chassis and a one year coverage on the recreational vehicle coach components. When these warranties expire, you’re financially responsible for all repairs. Sometimes it seems that 20 miles after the manufacturer’s warranty expires your RV will require some expensive repair or another. An RV extended warranty covers any repair costs, and provides great peace of mind while you’re on vacation.

Some people simply don’t believe in warranties–on anything! But it’s important to consider the difference between purchasing the extended service plan on something easy to replace, such as a telephone or small appliance, and purchasing a motor home warranty for your RV. There are many things that can go wrong on a motor home, and from electrical wiring to large diesel engines the cost to repair or replace these failures is only going up. With each passing model year the motor homes on the road are becoming more hi-tech, and harder to fix at home.

Ask us for our assistance in finding the right RV extended warranty for your used luxury motor home.


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