Buying a Flood-Damaged Rig is a Bad Idea – Know Your Rights

flood-damaged RVMotor homes are sturdy. They can withstand a range of conditions, but they can hardly handle water damages. If in a vehicle, water ever reaches the lower levels of the doors, it becomes very difficult to completely fix an engine and fuel tank. It’s not easy to understand if a car is flood damaged or not because a flooded vehicle may look decent on the outside, but could be rusting from the inside. And it can be plain dangerous for the passengers.

Do you suspect that you recently bought a flood damaged used motor home? Don’t panic, because all is not lost. The laws of the country are on your side. If you have the patience to get to the bottom of it, the state and federal lemon laws can help.

The following states have passed the Used Car Lemon Law:




New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

If you have unknowingly purchased a flood damaged vehicle in any of the above states, contact the office of your state’s Attorney General at the earliest for a legal settlement.

If you don’t reside in one these six states you may be protected by one or some of the following federal laws:

Federal Lemon Law – This law relates to warranty disputes, and comes to your rescue when there is a conflict between implied warranty and express written warranty.

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Used Car Rule – This law makes it mandatory for used RV dealers to add a ‘Buyers Guide’ form to every ad depicting a car for sale. The guide must state whether the vehicle comes complete with a used car warranty. Most importantly, the list must include all the possible defects that could occur on the vehicle.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) – This law makes it mandatory for used vehicles to automatically include an implied warranty that the vehicle is safe to operate on the road. Implied warranty is not applicable if they chose to sell the auto ‘as is’.

If you think you have been tricked into buying a water-damaged rig, you may file a lawsuit against the dealer who sold you the lemon. However, as they say, prevention is better than cure, so always be extra cautious while shopping for a used motor home, especially the diesel rigs, as they are particularly sensitive to water contamination. Buy from a reputable dealer with a long industry-presence and an impeccable track record. In addition, purchase a vehicle history report (VHR) to know whether it had any flood damage or not. Contact us for further assistance.

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