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Tips for Ownership Transfer of Your New Motor Home

Motorhome Ownership TransferSo, you have taken the plunge and finally invested in a motor home? During this time, you are excited about hitting the roads to enjoy the great outdoors. But before signing on the dotted line and picking up the vehicle, it’s important to perform a meticulous inspection of the same. Take your time to get the hang of all the RV features and ensure that its systems are in perfect working condition.  Ask your dealer as many questions as you want to. Here are some dos and don’ts to remember when closing on your motor home:

Check All Documents

Before you leave the dealer’s place, ensure that you have received all the documents related to your motor home. These include the sales invoice, model number, serial number, and owner’s manual. Make sure that all of them are relevant to your vehicle’s warranty.

Avoid Picking up before the Dealer Closes for the Day

Do not pick up your motor home minutes before the dealer is about to close. You should allow yourself enough time to inspect the vehicle in case some component fixes are necessary. This is important if you live far away from the pickup location. The best time to schedule a pickup is after lunch hours, as both you and the seller have ample time before you drive off.

Test Everything Thoroughly

Test all parts and components such as the RV’s plumbing system, LP system, air conditioner, captain chair, engine, entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, alarms, propane tank, emergency exits, and fresh water tank. If you do not know how to operate a specific part or component, feel free to consult the salesperson.

Do Not Forget the Test Drive

Last but not least, request a test drive. Make sure that you are comfortable while driving your home-on-wheels and maneuvering it through the roads for the very first time. Remember that you are not driving your family car but a huge motor home. So, it is natural that you will have a lot of questions while you’re behind the wheel.

Regardless of what RV model you choose, new or pre-owned, get the vehicle inspected before you take the delivery of the same. Consult a certified RV technician if necessary. If you are looking for a used motor home, we can help. All our motor homes are well-maintained and come in a wide price range. Contact us for more information.