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Taking Your Doggy on an RV Trip? Here are 5 Tips for You

RV trip

Whether you plan to spend your vacation with your puppy in a well-equipped RV park or want to boondock in a remote location cut off from the urban hustles and bustles, the right preparation helps you maximize the fun. Below are some expert-approved outdoor tips that you will find helpful:

1. Safety First

Do not let your doggy run around unrestrained. Keep him on leads whenever possible, especially when you are enjoying a leisurely stroll. Do not let him roam around freely even when inside the campsite; use a long lead on a stake to keep him within your sightline. Besides microchipping, fix an ID tag on its collar with your name and mobile number on it.

2. Special Care for Some Breeds

Dogs, undoubtedly, make wonderful travel companions. If your furry friend belongs to the snub-nosed brachycephalic family like pugs and bulldogs, you will have to give it some extra attention. This is because, with their short snouts, these breeds of dogs find difficulty in cooling themselves. They get easily exhausted and find it difficult to breathe. If your travel plan includes a lot of hiking, be especially wary of this aspect.

3. Hydration Is Important

Be sure to provide plenty of clean water to your canine pal when traveling in hilly terrains or playing on the beach during the day. Don’t get out of your rig without a container full of water for your dog.

4. Feel-at-Home Factors

Carry the bedding that your doggy uses at home. It will make him feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Also, provide a comfy blanket somewhere inside your trailer to let him take a casual nap. For that matter, don’t forget to pack some of your doggy’s favorite snacks. It will not only make him happy but will also help him avoid indigestion and stomach upset.

5. Long Drive Preparedness

Just like humans, dogs too get motion sickness from long drives. Get him used to it by taking him out on short trips. This experience will gradually make him fit for taking up a road trip that lasts for long hours.

All it needs is some preparation to make a camping trip with your pet dog a grand success. We are sure that our tips will help you in this regard. And if you want some assistance in buying a motor home for your dream vacation, just contact us here.