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More RV Tips and Tricks

There are tons of practical and creative RV tips out there on the Internet. We’ve scanned list after list to find some that we thought were really cool to bring to you. Enjoy another installment of RV “hacks”!

Never Lose the Remote

It’s hard enough to keep track of the TV remote at home. Stuffed into couch cushions, dropped under the sofa, or buried under a pillow, remotes have a way of going missing. When you add in the constant motion of an RV on the road, you have a recipe for daily hunts for the lost remote. If you don’t already have a special place to store your remotes in the RV, like a specific drawer or pocket, try using Velcro strips to stick the remote to the side of your favorite seat so that it’s always close at hand. If you have any other important controllers that tend to slip away, Velcro them to the place you most often find yourself using them. You’ll save yourself from hours of frustration over time.

Balanced Packing

It can be easy to underestimate the importance of balance while packing up an RV. Making sure weight is distributed evenly throughout your RV can help make it easier to drive and prevent accidents. In extreme cases, if a lot of weight is on one side, controlling the RV can be awkward to the point of danger.

On some RVs, different axles can handle different amounts of weight. Figure out what each axle’s limit is and pack accordingly to make sure you aren’t putting too much strain on your vehicle. Also, pack with heavy items low and light items high. Not only does it lower the risk of your RV tipping, it lowers the risk of a bumped head—or worse—if an item falls.

Frozen Meals

When you’re on an RV road trip during the summer, you definitely want two things: a cool interior temperature and a cold fridge. This tip helps with both of those.

Before you leave, pre-cook some meals and seal them, frozen, in plastic bags to take with you. These frozen meals will act like ice packs, cooling the fridge down using less energy, and can be simply warmed up and eaten, so you won’t have to worry about getting the inside of your RV hot by cooking. Two birds with one stone!


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