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RV-ing with Pets? Here are Some Safety Tips

RV-ing with PetsIt’s difficult to stay apart from your pet for long periods. No wonder an estimated 75 percent of RV-ers take their pets along with them! The best part is, an RV has all the makings of a pet-friendly trip – it’s big, it’s spacious, and it has most of the comforts of a home. Your furry friends can spend most of the day playing in the great outdoors and sleep inside their new home at night. Of course, there are certain care requirements you need to meet while traveling with your pets. These are discussed in detail below:

Create a List

Prepare a checklist of all the things your pet might need for the trip. Make sure everything is accounted for— from food to water, leashes to dishes, brushes to waste disposal bags. If your pet is used to a certain brand of food or if it is on a special diet, make sure you’ve packed enough.You might not always get what you’re looking for in remote locations. If you have a feline in the family, litter-boxes are a must. You could also place a pet travel crate inside the motor home so that your pet can enjoy some personal space.

Campground Rules

Call the campground beforehand to check whether they allow pets. Not all RV parks and campgrounds do, so it’s better to be sure than having to figure things out later. Also, don’t forget to ask about any additional pet fees. A few camp sites have designated sections for pets.

Keep in mind that “pet-friendly” doesn’t mean you have permission to bring any pet on the premises. Some campgrounds place restrictions on certain animal breeds while others limit the number of furry friends you’re allowed to bring with you. A few sites provide boarding facilities, such as kennels, to visitors who wish to see the attractions that don’t allow pets.


Before you embark on your RV journey, schedule an appointment with the vet. Check whether all your pet’s vaccinations have been administered and that they are free from fleas and ticks. Moreover, you should carry any medication that has been prescribed to your animal by the veterinarian.

Maintain Hygiene

The excitement of staying in a new location is too much for some pets, and they tend to relieve themselves frequently. Make sure you clean up after them. Not only is this the right thing to do, but you certainly do not want to live in a campground that’s littered with animal droppings.

Never make the mistake of keeping your pet locked within the RV unless there is proper ventilation. Even if you’re leaving your pet alone for a short duration, make sure there is enough air circulation and water.

An RV journey with your pet does entail a certain amount of responsibility, but it can be loads of fun as well. Let us help you get the perfect motor home so that you can enjoy a life full of freedom and adventure.