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“Preparing Your RV for Hurricane Season Part 2: Weather at Home”

If you live in a part of the country that experiences severe weather like hurricanes, preparedness is key. Before extreme weather hits, there are steps you can take to ensure the protection of your RV.

Leave Your RV in a Safe Spot

If a storm is approaching, make sure your RV is not parked in a low area that is prone to flooding, because the amount of precipitation a hurricane brings is enormous. The last thing you want is to come back after the storm to a waterlogged interior. Sometimes this will involve moving it to a safer spot, because that lot you normally feel great about might not be so ideal in nastier weather. Make sure you have a backup scouted out ahead of time so you know right where to park.

Secure the Vehicle

Before the storm hits, secure ALL loose items out side of the RV. In the high-speed winds that a hurricane brings, anything can become a window-shattering projectile. Even a small treebranch or bucket can cause significant damage. In the same vein, prepare for the storm by boarding up the large windows of your RV, as you would with the windows of a house. There are several smart solutions for easily covering windows with plywood, including Plylox, which allows you to easily attach and remove plywood planks and is available at any home improvement store.

To prevent your awning from being yanked apart by strong wind, use several zipties to attach it securely to its mounting brackets. Empty your holding tanks, turn off your propane tanks, and cover your regulator, vents, and A/C unit. With all of those items checked off, you can consider your RV secure and feel okay about leaving it behind while you hunker down in your home or evacuate.

Evacuate in Your RV if You Have the Option

Consider that an RV can be a terrific vehicle to take in the event of an evacuation, though. It gives you a comfortable place to stay while away from your house, so if you need to get away for a while to wait out a storm, you can’t beat the RV.

Preparedness is key. If you find yourself in the path of a storm, you should secure your RV much as you would your home. Plan ahead and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.


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