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One-Off Laundromats That RV-ers Love

Laundromats for RV-ers

Whether you are a full-time RV-er or just use your motor home for occasional summer trips across the US, at one point or the other, you will need to wash your clothes. You cannot wear them for days no matter how much you like to rough it. And if you happen to be in an RV park with no laundry facilities, you need to search for laundromats on the way. But washing your dirty clothes need not be an uninteresting chore if you know where to look. Here are a few unique laundromats that are more than just coin-operated washers:

Igor’s Lounge and Gameroom

Located in New Orleans, Los Angeles, this Laundromat gives you an opportunity to hang out with your buddies at a dive bar. You will find the dryers and washers at the back of the setup, but be prepared for some fun and excitement at the front of the establishment. Chill out with your friends with lip-smacking food and drinks or try your luck at a pool table at this local joint. You will love the karaoke nights at Igor’s Lounge and Gameroom complete with music, food, and drinks, while your clothes go for a wash. And if you are unable to sleep and want to utilize the time getting the laundry done, this laundromat is open round-the-clock and offers drink specials from 5 am to 7 am.

The Laundry Café

This laundromat in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is open 24 hours. The place is spick and span with brilliant lights and has more than 145 modern dryers and washers of different sizes. The perks offered by The Laundry Café for bringing your dirty clothes here include free dry loads for garments that have been washed. The staff also unloads your clothes when you arrive, as a free service. You will also find a café where you can savor a sandwich and drink. The Kid’s Zone at this place is the perfect spot for RV-ers with children. You can wait for your laundry to finish while your kids can play safely without bothering others. Adults too can have fun in their play area with music, games, and flat screen TVs with Netflix and Wi-Fi connectivity. With the Game of Thrones Season 7 being aired this summer, you can even catch an episode of this epic fantasy drama while waiting for your clothes to be washed.

Brainwash Café & Laundromat

Situated in San Francisco, California, Brainwash Café and Laundromat is more than an ordinary laundry facility. If you’re an art lover, you will love the beautiful canvases which will give you a taste of the local art community. You can order food and beer to your heart’s content. This place is also known for its comedy shows.

Hitting the roads in a motor home is every travel aficionado’s dream. You enjoy the stunning views and scenic landscapes on the way without worrying about mundane tasks you do at home. But if you get to do your laundry in an interesting and fun way, there is nothing like it.