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Norma Jean Bauerschmidt – The Nonagenarian Who Ditched Chemo for an Epic Road Trip

The Nonagenarian's Road Trip

Doesn’t ‘Life’ unfold in the present? But most of us just allow the present slip away, worrying about the future unnecessarily or grudging the past. But one frail nonagenarian made sure that her life story stays  far from being mediocre. She decided to take up a cross-country road trip, instead of getting herself confined to the four walls of a cancer hospital. In doing so, she taught millions of Americans so much about embracing the present moment.

Have you always dreamt of taking up that epic road trip, but always had to delay it for the sake of your life’s other priorities? Well, you need to know about Miss Norma. The indomitable spirit of this 91-year-old lady will inspire you to pursue your dream and do it right now.

When diagnosed with cancer, most people would choose to fight it tooth and nail. But not Norma Jean Bauerschmid – a World War II Navy veteran and a member of Women Accepted for Voluntary Service (WAVES). She may remind you of your own grandma, but don’t go by her outer shell. The frailty actually camouflages the passion and willpower that runs beneath.

When told by the doctor that she had cancer and needed chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation, Norma decided to forego the treatment and experience adventure. She decided to join her son Tim and his wife, Ramie, who lead a nomadic lifestyle in a motor home. The moment she hit the road on 24 August 2015, Norma became a celebrity, thanks to her daughter-in-law Ramie, who set up the Facebook page, “Driving Miss Norma.” Since then, this unusual travelogue has been followed by more than 400,000 people on the page.

So, how did the trip go?

She made sure that a single moment is not wasted during the journey. So, her itinerary included it all –   Old Faithful, Mount Rushmore, and even the Grand Canyon. She attended a felicitation event aboard an aircraft carrier, looking fab in a hard hat and safety goggles.  What’s more? On the way to Georgia, she even had her first-ever pedicure. During the entire span, she rode 13,000 miles across 32 US states and stopped at 75 different destinations.  According to her family, there was a visible improvement on her health during the span of the journey. And the series of photographs posted on Facebook shows how happy she has been throughout the trip.

Live in the moment and let life take its course– this was what Norma taught the world. Why keep postponing that epic trip? Life is too short to wait for a better,more convenient moment. Your moment comes only now; make the most of it. And if you require some professional assistance for purchasing a suitable motor home for your dream trip, contact us right away.