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Learn to Protect Your RV from Summer Storms

Luxury Motor Home

Are you planning a summer trip to places susceptible to hurricanes, storms, or tornados? If yes, you must know how to protect your motor home from rough weather conditions. The summer brings with it some of the worst squalls, high winds, and thunderstorms. Here are a few things you need to remember to protect your luxury vehicle from high gusty winds:

Invest in a Weather Radio

Before you hit the roads, ensure that your home-on-wheels has a weather radio. Many RVs include one, but if you do not have it, install a weather radio. These devices will cost about $55 on online stores. They are extremely useful because they work even when the power is off, and you can depend on them for the latest weather alerts. You can invest in a radio-operated device with public alerts for your family’s safety.

Stay Put When a Tornado Hits

Tornadoes are the worst storms hitting the country and may destroy entire cities in a few minutes. Regardless of what RV model you own, the vehicle will not be able to survive a raging tornado if directly hit by it. So, if you are driving under such conditions, evacuate the vehicle immediately and move to a tornado shelter. Listen to the latest weather news to stay updated. Ensure that you are familiar with the place where you are camping. Gather information about the major highways, escape routes and back roads. Study the maps carefully and think of a solution to stay safe when a tornado approaches.

Play Safe When a Storm is Approaching

When you learn a storm is approaching, be extra careful if you are inside the vehicle until you find a suitable shelter. Keep non-perishable foods, portable water, personal items, and prescription drugs handy. Purchase garbage bags, batteries, oil, oil lamps, and tarps. Make sure you fill the vehicle’s fuel tank and check the windshield wipers and tires. Keep all your important papers in a zipped plastic bag. Check your RV’s carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms to see if they have new batteries installed. Look where the transfer switch is located for the RV generator. It will help you isolate power from the rest of the electric grid to avoid shocks.

It is not safe to drive your RV when a tornado or hurricane is approaching. Evacuation is the best solution to stay safe. So, be prepared to protect yourself from such weather conditions. However, there is nothing much to worry if you play it safe.