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How to Maximize RV Space Utilization and Reclaim Your Privacy

RV Space UtilizationClass A motor homes average in size between 36 and 45 feet. Apparently, this might seem like a lot of space, but given the amount of furniture, fixtures, and appliances present, it is often not enough, especially if you’re traveling with others. The trick is to use the space efficiently so that each of you gets enough room and the much-needed privacy. Here are a few ideas:

Separate the Living and Sleeping Areas

It is easy to convert your sofa and dining table into sleeping quarters for the night. However, if young kids are present, you might need to leave the room so that they can fall asleep. A more efficient arrangement would be to invest in a quad bunkhouse. This means the kids get their own bed at the back while the “living” space in front can be used for entertainment and recreation.

Designate Private Spaces

Set aside a certain section of the RV for each person. Put up curtains so that these sections offer complete privacy when drawn. Personal belongings can be used to personalize these individual sections. Most importantly, everyone should respect each other’s privacy. This is a very important rule to enforce when privacy and space are at a premium.

Have Your Me-Times

Privacy is as much a psychological state as it is a physical space. Putting up curtains might help you get your own space, but you really have to belong to that ‘space’ to enjoy it. Don’t forget to squeeze out some ‘me-time’ when you enjoy doing what you love the most. It could be reading a book or listening to your favorite playlist. Have that ‘escape plan’ in place.

Everybody requires privacy. Even though an RV is supposed to bring people together and offer hours of endless fun on the road, all of us need some time alone. Of course, a larger RV provides more room for privacy. If you are in the market for one, we might have something that meets your requirements. Contact us today.