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Ensuring Security of a Static RV

Security of a Static RVAn RV is a great investment if you’re an outdoor enthusiast. Affordable holidays will no longer be impossible, because you will not have to spend a fortune on transportation. Instead, you’ll have your own vehicle, complete with every possible amenity you could want. Naturally, this makes it a target for thieves. All you need to do is secure your RV properly. Being familiar with the right security measures to keep your RV safe when static is important for any aspiring RV-er. Here are the things you must know:

Where to Find Safety Equipment?

Just head to an RV accessory shop either online or locally so that you can invest in the items required to maintain your static RV’s safety. However, before spending a lot of money, you need to know what materials or products are best. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding the items you need, and there are local sellers who are willing to sell you the security accessories for a reasonable price, thereby minimizing shipping costs.

What to Get?

  • Security Bars: Security bars are simple yet effective devices that resemble telescopic bars. These items stretch across the cabin of a camper van, and they possess two thin arms that hook into the passenger-side and driver-side doors. You can then lock these bars into place so that no thief can open the doors or pick the locks. The easy installation feature and low cost is what makes this one of the best security devices for static RVs.
  • RV Alarms: These are not your regular car alarms. While car alarms sense breaking of windows and unusual activity on locked doors, RV alarms come with motion detectors to track movement from within. There are some RV alarms that send you SMS alerts so that you can take action even if you’re away from the motor home.
  • Wheel Clamps: Any thief who tries to steal the whole RV will find it impossible thanks to wheel clamps. These gadgets prevent the wheels from turning, and only when they’re removed can the vehicle be driven. Many thieves do not have the skills to remove wheel clamps without the proper keys, which mean your motor home remains safe and sound.

You should never compromise the security of your static RV. Come back for more tips and tricks on RV-ing. If you are looking to upgrade to a new RV model or want to buy your very first used RV, contact us.