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Embracing a Fulltime RV Lifestyle – Who Does That?

Fulltime RV Lifestyle

The idea of leaving a sprawling home only to move into a 40-feet box might sound crazy to most people, but there are millions of Americans who live on the open road. Who are those brave hearts who have happily ditched the bricks and sticks and embraced a lifestyle charged fully with challenges and adventures? Read on to know:

People with a Go-Slow Philosophy

Not everybody wants to be a part of the rat race. You will meet many high-flying professionals from every walk of life who crave for a slower and ‘purer’ lifestyle. Thus, among full-time RV-ers, you are likely to find a number of professionals who have happily shunned lucrative jobs for a rugged lifestyle on the highways. What’s more, they find no problems in finding seasonal or temporary employment to sustain themselves. They accept positions for a limited period and then again set off for a new destination. Creative people like writers, artists, photographers, and movie makers mostly make up this RV community segment. This nomadic demography also includes sharp business persons and shrewd consultants who are in a position to operate remotely and earn while they travel.


For obvious reasons, retirees find the idea of driving their homes from coast to coast and city to city overly attractive. They have worked all their lives, built up wealth, brought up children and now it’s time for them to relax. However, the fit and active retirees interpret the word ‘relaxation’ differently from their ordinary home-bound counterparts.  For them, relaxation means basking in the sun on the beaches, chasing the wind in high altitudes, or interacting with nature in picturesque Locations. Not all of them have an inflated retirement fund; it is just that with their yearning for a lifestyle change, they learned the ABCs of frugal living. Also, they have learned the effective management of their Social Security incomes for a comfortable lifestyle on the road.

People Engaged in Professions That Require Travel

Traveling is an integral part of many occupations. Thus, from construction workers to mobile nurses and from writers to consultants, individuals with a thirst for adventure and a penchant for exploration, find it convenient to own a wheeled home that they can take from one job location to the next.

People Who Rally Behind a Cause

Some people are not just born to live a mundane life guided by petty self-interests. They believe in living for a cause. Even voicing support for a cause is not adequate for them; they believe in sweating it out on the field and join nonprofit organizations, churches, and international agencies to work for the people in distress or raise awareness on a variety of issues. Living in a wheeled home frees them from the obligation and responsibility of maintaining a brick and mortar existence, and managing the nitty-gritty of a mundane life.

Does the life on the road appeal to you, and the experiences of these new ‘nomads’ inspire you to embrace the lifestyle of a different kind? Well, before taking the plunge, make sure you have planned your steps well. All the successful RV-ers have reportedly done that. Our experienced staff can help you choose a suitable motor home for embarking on a new lifestyle.