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Your Awning is Your Best Friend This Summer

No matter where you travel this summer, your RV awning will be an invaluable asset that will keep you comfortable when the sun beats down. Make sure you follow these tips to keep it in the best possible shape and avoid any problems that might occur.

  1. Clean it regularly. Dirt and sediment can build up quickly, and compromise the integrity of the fabric. But don’t scrub too much! An overly enthusiastic scrubbing can remove the protective coating on the fabric and open you up to mildew or worse. Many RV awnings can simply be rinsed off with a hose.
  2. Keep the moving parts lubricated. Regularly apply oil to joints, pulleys and bearings to keep them in good working order.
  3. Always keep one side lowered to prevent water from pooling up.
  4. Never roll up a wet awning! Give it time to dry.
  5. Finally, use an anchoring device whenever possible to take stress off of the hardware, especially if you are leaving your RV unattended for a while.

While awning care might not be at the top of your mind when it comes to RV maintenance, with proper care, an awning can last many, many years, saving you a ton of money on replacements. So show your awning some love this summer! It really is your best friend in the sun.


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