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3 Secluded National Parks You Must Visit in the US

National Parks

The American national parks have some of the scenic landscapes, deep forests, lakes, and rich history in the country. Though many of them remain crowded throughout the year, there are parks, which are hidden and secluded, where the visitor count is only in thousands. Are you looking to camp in places away from your city’s boring skyline?  If yes, say goodbye to the noise, traffic, and crowds to appreciate the beauty of these less-frequented national parks in the US.

1. Dry Tortugas National Park

Located in the Sunshine State, this national park is about 70 miles west of the island of Key West, which is 150 miles south of the mainland. This is one of the secluded parks in the country, where you will find the historic Fort Jefferson. You will have to board a seaplane or a ferry to appreciate its beauty. The seven islands of Key West surrounded by the turquoise blue waters are a treat to every traveler’s eyes. A nature preserve surrounds the fort, providing plenty of snorkeling opportunities for RV-ers. It is one of the least frequented parks in the US. Just so you know, only 65,000 or fewer tourists visited it in 2014. So, gang up with your friends to explore the fort, take a dip in the warm waters, or camp under the star-studded night sky.

2. Katmai National Park

Seated on the Kodiak Island and southern Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, this national park covers four million acres of land that includes the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes; a low-lying area filled with an ash flow from the 1912 volcanic explosion of Novarupta. The place is known for its wildlife including wolves, caribous, wolverines, and moose. It is also home to about 2,000 grizzly bears that thrive on the eggs of salmons.

3. Bryce Canyon National Park

With 1.4 million footfalls in 2014, this national park is popular for its sandstone hoodoos formed due to frost weathering and erosion. Only a handful tourists frequent this beautiful desert landscape, which was occupied by Native Americans initially and afterward by Mormon pioneers back in the 1850s.

Visit some of the US national parks that have breathtaking natural beauty and an abundance of spectacular landscapes. These are some of the most beautiful places to travel in your motor home.