The Holidays are a Perfect Time for RV Travel

We are hitting the home stretch of 2019, and the holidays are upon us. It’s hard to believe that this year has gone by so fast, but we are excited to see where 2020 brings us!

Thankful to be a Motor Home Owner

There is more to Thanksgiving than just eating. Thanksgiving is a day that encourages us to reflect on what we have, the things that make life good. Family, friends, and food are at the top of that list, but we motor homeowners have a lot more to be thankful for.

Prepping to Head South for the Winter in Your Motor Home

The time is almost here for the snowbirds to hit the road and head for warmer weather. If you count yourself among this crowd, remember these tips as you finish packing and finalize your plans. Travel south worry-free and enjoy your sunny winter! Prepare Your Northern Home Prepare your house to be unoccupied for a […]

Solving Scary RV Questions

If you’re a newer RV owner, the whole thing might seem scary. Buying an RV is a big investment in a big vehicle, and it can seem like a tricky switch from a compact car to a hulking home on wheels. Luckily, there are many resources online that can help you figure out how to […]

Hurricane Preparation Revisited: Leaving Your RV Behind

September is FEMA’s National Preparedness Month and more severe weather is sure to come before the hurricane season is over, so it’s a great time to prepare for natural disasters. We’re rebooting this article from a few years ago to remind you how to prepare your motor home for a storm. Sometimes you’ll choose to […]

Preparing for Storms in Your RV – Revisited

A few years ago, we covered hurricane preparedness because Harvey’s destruction of Houston was fresh on our minds. This month, we here in Florida are breathing a sigh of relief since we avoided Dorian, so we wanted to take another look at how to prepare your RV for a hurricane when you’re traveling. Many popular […]

Did you Know? Motor Home Stats You Won’t Believe

RV ownership looks different than you think. Motor home living and traveling is a trend that’s been on the rise for years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. People love the feeling of freedom and adventure that owning an RV gives them. Some of these stats, sourced from The Wandering RV, are sure to […]

MotorCoach Lots Helps You Find the Perfect Place for Your RV to Call Home

Some RVers like to use their RVs as simply a vehicle to adventure. They drive it around the country on scheduled road trip after scheduled road trip, creating unforgettable moments and seeing sights that few see. In between excursions, they keep their RV out of sight, covered and safe, waiting for the next time it […]

A Motor Home Can Help You Overcome Traveling Worries

Traveling is about overcoming excuses. There is always a good reason close at hand to NOT take a trip—or at least, we convince ourselves that they are good reasons. Luckily, as an RV owner, you can get past many of these fears and encourage yourself to set out on an adventure now! “I’ll Miss Home” […]

Embrace Independence Through RV Ownership

July is the month when we Americans celebrated our freedom. We embraced change and fought for our right to govern our own lives, rather than acquiesce to the way things had always been. It’s this very sentiment that makes the Fourth of July one of our favorite holidays here at Motor Home Finders. We recognize […]