Beginner’s Guide To Full-Time RV Living: Eight Ultimate Tips for Life on the Road

By Jordan Stokes Deciding to take your life on the road? More and more people have made the leap and quit their jobs to enjoy the freedoms and experiences of nomadic living. Not sure how to get started? Here are eight beginner tips so you can get the most out of RV living, and […]

Beginner Or Old Pro RVer: Here Are Five Tips To Remember.

Whether you’re a family of weekend campers or a retired couple looking to travel full-time, every RV owner has to know a few important things before making a voyage. Even if you’ve owned an RV for years, it pays to refresh yourself on the basics before heading out on the road. Here are six quick […]

Emergency Road Service Insurance. Is It Worth It?

Emergency Road Service Insurance is designed to provide financial assistance, technicians, or professional help for minor emergencies while you are on a trip. It is inexpensive—often less than $100.00 per year. Emergency Road Service Insurance provides you with help for those common mishaps such as running out of fuel, towing, or flat-tire service—but not normal […]

Tips For Dropping Off The Grid.

Summer is a great time to get up close and personal with nature in your RV without sacrificing any creative comforts. Nearly all RVs are “self-contained.” That means you have the ability to live in it for several days without hooking up to utilities (also called boondocking)—and you paid lots of extra money to have […]

What RV Features Would Dad Love Most?

Today’s luxury RVs come stacked and packed with technology and lots of features.  Whether your Dad is a gear head or a great outdoorsman, here are some of the features found on the types of coaches we sell Dad will truly appreciate. Patio Awnings with LED Lights Available at the push of a button on […]

June is National Camping Month!

The sun’s up, the birds are singing, and there’s never been a better time to hit the open road. June is Camping Month, and it’s a great opportunity to get outside with the family and enjoy the great outdoors. Research shows that people who spend time camping are happier and more relaxed. After all, who […]

Make a date with this beautiful model.

Looking to upgrade your RV?  How about wishing upon a Dutch Star?  A 2019 Newmar Dutch Star 4369 to be exact, with only 7,800 miles on the odometer and priced to move at $349,900. The details: 2019 Newmar Dutch Star 4369 on a Freightliner Chassis, with Cummins 450HP ISL Diesel engine. The exterior is resplendent […]

Motor Home Refresher Course

There is nothing quite like taking to the open road and anticipating all the adventures that await you. Sometimes in our haste to “get out there,” we might forget some of the simplest tasks that make RV’ing easier and more enjoyable. Whether you’re new to RV’ing or a seasoned pro, here are five tips you […]

Membership has its privileges.

Here are our top six picks for membership programs that enhance your RV experience, save you money, and give you access to “off-the-beaten-path” destinations.

Gadgets RV’ers shouldn’t live without.

Either they’re crucial to making the RV lifestyle possible, or invaluable in making it more comfortable. Some are things you’ll use every day, some are things that save time, and some save space––but they’re all things you won’t want to live without once you introduce them into your RV adventures.