Beat Boredom on the Interstates with These Cool Staying Awake Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Ideas to Stay AwakeOne of the challenges of driving all day is staying alert. Yes, snacking does help, but the best way to stay wide-awake during long drives is to keep yourself busy.  Here are a few entertainment ideas that will prevent drowsiness and improve your focus.

Talk and Talk and Talk

Do you consider yourself a great storyteller? Well, an RV trip can be your platform to showcase your talent before your kids or travel buddies. Weave your story around any topic – from childhood school memories to the horror movie you watched last week. It does not really matter what the story is all about, what is important is to just keep your audience enthralled and you will hardly notice how time flies by.
Don’t like the idea of steering a storytelling session? Involve others in a conversation. Pre-plan some conversation topics. If traveling with kids, ask them to talk about various topics –their future plans, favorite activities, books, and more. Promise a reward for the best speech, and be pleasantly surprised by your kids’ eloquence.

Listen to Great Works of Fictions

Are you among those families that prefer listening over talking? Then rely on audio books to keep you awake throughout the ride. Don’t take the old ones; try something new, preferably thrillers. It will be an excellent way to hold your attention over a long period of time. Bring diverse types of books. Different narrating voices and styles will prevent you from getting easily bored.

Turn to Your Favorite Tunes

Music can be your most trusted companion when you sit behind the steering wheel for long hours at a time. However, it’s not easy to make a perfect playlist for your motorhome expedition. Don’t burn all your favorite songs onto a CD – leave out the slow songs and include those that will make you hum along with them. However, when compiling your RV music-mix, also consider what most people in the rig will enjoy.

Be a Kid, Play Games

Games can be especially effective if you are traveling with kids or a large group. Choose games that make you think. Word making, guessing, and memory games are some of the activities that can keep things interesting.

A long drive in your motorhome can be fun with the right kind of entertainment. The next time you hit the road in your RV, remember our tips. Enjoy your tryst with adventure. Happy RV-ing!

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