A Few Bathroom Features Every Motor Home Seeker Should Be on The Lookout For

RV Bathroom FeaturesA motor home buyer has many things to consider. From engine performance to interior design, and from mileage to exterior looks, every part of the rig has to be checked to make the right purchase decision. RVs prove that you don’t have to compromise on comfort, convenience, and safety when out on the road. But not every rig is designed to match your requirement in those areas. Especially in the bathroom area, which general buyers tend to ignore. However, when you are planning to spend months or years in an RV, you do need a bathroom that has enough room and other important features. Let us discuss what features you have to be on the lookout for while checking the RV bathroom.

  • RV bathrooms made of vinyl-coated paneling are not the viable choice for long trip seekers. Regular wash downs will soon add bathroom-repairing expenses to your travel cost. So, look for one-piece plastic bathrooms instead.

  • Set your preference for shower doors rather than curtains. Shower curtains always keep the floor wet, which is neither hygienic nor safe.

  • In case you are planning a lot of winter RV-ing, you need to look for winterized bathroom facilities. Otherwise, you will find your plastic showers in need of frequent replacement.

  • Make sure your shower has enough room for you to stand and turn around while bathing. And check if the shower head is appropriately positioned to bathe when you stand straight. Otherwise, you would have to practice complex acrobatics everyday just to get your head under water.

  • If you like your hot baths long, then you would need a 10-gallon water heater. However, if you can master the art of careful water usage, you can work with a 6-gallon water heater.

You need to focus on your bathroom features in order to have a happy, comfortable, and feasible RV trip. So, keep these suggestions in mind when you are ready to buy a used motor home, and ensure that the best deals in the market include these.

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