American Coach: Style And Innovation

American Coach began its journey in 1987 in Decatur, Indiana as a company called Fleetwood. From their first manufacturing facility in Decatur came the very first Fleetwood Limited. As it rolled out onto the open road in 1988 it was outfitted with some progressive features; a microwave, power windows and a deluxe sound system. In 1991, Fleetwood decided they needed a high-end diesel line of motor homes. They called this line American Coach. In the same year, American Coach produced the American Eagle, which would replace the Fleetwood Limited. Filling a need from their customers for a premium coach, American Coach produced the American Dream in 1994. The next two years saw some revolutionary introductions into the American Coach line; the wide-body coach and slide rooms. By 1999, the American tradition and American Heritage had joined the team. American Coach continued to innovate in the next years, introducing three generations of the Liberty Chassis, the full wall slide and several more luxury models. The American Coach of today has a small but mighty lineup of luxury RVs. With only four 2014 models to concentrate on they are able to hit each one out of the park.

American Heritage

The largest of this fleet of recreational vehicles is the American Heritage. Coming in at over 44 feet in length, this luxury RV has plenty of space. There are four floor plans to choose from so you are sure to find one that maximizes your comfort. There is no skimping on the standard features in this luxury motor home. Amenities such as a central vacuum system, memory foam mattress and iPad controller for lights, blinds and AV make this coach feel like home. Not to mention the many standard safety, plumbing and driver features. If this sounds like your type of RV travel Motor home Finders can help you find the perfect used American Heritage.

The American Eagle

Next in line is the American Eagle, which starts at 42 feet in length. This gorgeous RV makes motor home travel a joy. With this model you have five spectacular floor plans from which to choose; each one with slight modifications to fit different travel styles. The premium materials used in the American Eagle make driving across the country feel like you are traveling in a high-end hotel. You can’t go wrong with this American Coach classic.

American Tradition Motor home

Similar in size to the American Eagle is the American Tradition. Two floor plans and three décor choices allow you to make this RV your home. Like the other motor homes in the American Coach line, the Tradition is built on the exclusive Liberty Chassis. In its third generation, the Liberty Chassis features outstanding strength and durability. This allows for a ride that is both smooth and safe. This diesel RV is a dream come true for many RV owners and Motor home Finders knows that it could be for you, too!

Motor home Revolution

Last, but certainly not least, is the American Revolution. This “baby” of the family has a starting length of 38 feet, which is not too shabby. Spectacularly appointed all the way around the American Revolution features a well-thought-out galley, premium electronics and appliances and a plethora of driver conveniences. This Class A motor home packs a punch and should never be overlooked.

American Coach produces beautiful luxury RVs that fit any traveler’s style and taste, including yours. Owning a used American Coach can be so simple. Just call Motor home Finders and we can get you into the perfect one fast!

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