All About Prevost

The Prevost (pronounced pray-voh; the -st is silent) motor home company came to fruition in 1924 when Eugene Prevost, a cabinet maker, was asked to make a custom body for a truck chassis. His creation was a hit and he was approached by others to do the same for them. By the late 1930’s Prevost had so many orders that he had to have a manufacturing plant built. Business has continued steadily ever since. The company has changed hands multiples times since 1957; most recently being purchased by the Volvo Bus Corporation in 1995. Today, Prevost manufacturers bus conversions that are used by celebrities, politicians and avid RVers alike. Prevost currently offers two different bodystyles; the sleek and modern H and the timeless and classic X.

The Sleek and Modern H

The H series platform offered by Prevost has the tallest bus shell, in addition to offering the most floor space for a custom conversion. It also offers over 500 cubic feet of under-floor storage, which makes it a great choice for touring. The H series has several floorplans available, so finding the right fit for you should be no problem.

The Timeless and Classic X

The X series platform offers the highest interior headroom, while also offering the lowest overall height from ground for easy access to low clearance places. The X series sports the longest wheelbase for a very smooth ride. This platform also has a large selection of floorplans to fit all types of travelers.

Prevost Features

Prevosts are known for their safety. This is due, in part, to the Prevost Beam which adds strength to the vehicle. This beam enhances both the passive and dynamic safety features of Prevost coaches. Prevosts also feature the Electronic Stability Program (ESP) which helps to reduce the risk of rollovers. Other features include an in-station coach leveling system, marble paint schemes and ease of maintenance and serviceability.

Celebrity-Owned Prevosts

The size and livability of the Prevost bus conversion makes them one of the number one choices for touring celebrities, musicians and politicians. They love the comfort as well as the storage space for all their gear while out touring. Some famous musicians who have used Prevost coaches include Zac Brown Band, Kellie Pickler, Scotty McCreery, Jake Owen, Nickelback and Travis Barker. Prevosts have also been used by Presidents! Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have had Prevosts while either in office or campaigning.

If you are a serious RVer, the Prevost might be the right choice for you. They are some of the largest, most comfortable homes away from home. Brand new Prevosts also come with a price tag to match. Purchasing a used Prevost is a great way to get the luxury without the premium price. Call Motor home Finders today and we can show you quality Prevosts that are on the market today and ready for a new owner!

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