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Is travel one of your New Year’s resolutions? A comfortable motor home can make even the most far-off places feel like home. The models we sell at Motor Home Finders have tons of features that can enhance your traveling experience, including…






Massaging Chairs

MHF Features blog post #2


Driving is hard work, and it can be brutal on your back. Why not celebrate your arrival with a soothing massage from your seat? Use this feature while driving to help with the fatigue and soreness your legs start to feel after sitting for a while. Several of our models carry massaging chairs, including the incredible 2014 Newmar King Aire pictured above, so be sure to look for this feature while you browse.




Heated Tile

MHF Features blog post #3


Anyone who has ever stepped out of a warm shower knows how cold tile can get. If you are the type of person who prefers tile to carpet, consider investing in a heated tile floor. It looks good, and your feet will thank you as they stay warm even on chilly nights. Our 2012 Newmar Essex model, pictured above, carries this feature.





iPad Control

MHF Features blog post #4


Smart devices can do a lot of cool things, but did you know that includes remotely operating some features on your motor home? On our beautiful 2014 American Eagle 45A Full Wall Triple Slide, you can control the lights, blinds, and audio-visual system from your seat with an easy-to-use iPad application. (And this model has heated tile, too!)

 All of our motor homes are the tops in terms of luxury, but sometimes it’s that one feature that catches your eye and makes up your mind. Make sure to look at the descriptions of our models when you browse our inventory. You might just see something that you can’t live without.


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