A Desert Island List of RV Blogs

There are dozens and dozens of great RV blogs on the web that inspire, inform, entertain, and overall prepare RV owners for life on the road in their motor home. There are so many, in fact, that we could write for months just recommending what we think are the best RV blogs. Instead, we decided to narrow it down, and give you our “desert island” list. If you could only read three RV blogs ever again, what should they be?

Love Your RV

This is THE source for ingenious RV tips and tricks. Whatever problem, big or small, that an RV owner is likely to experience while traveling, the authors of this blog have seen it and already come up with a solution so simple that it will leave you smacking your head and saying “duh!” These folks are experts, having traveled over 60,000 miles by RV over the past 7 years. Their whole blog is worth perusing, so make sure you give some of their content a read before your next trip—although, odds are, you’re already a reader! https://www.loveyourrv.com/

Currently Wandering

Currently Wandering is a blog jam-packed full of useful information for RVers, especially those who are inspired to go full-time. This blog offers great tips on road-ready recipes & exercises, gear reviews, and guides to help you get ready to live in your RV full-time. No matter what your level you are at, you can learn something from this wanderin’ family. There’s enough content here to keep you occupied for days, including a superb cost-benefit breakdown for solar power. https://currentlywandering.com/

Ditching Suburbia

This one was chosen based on two key factors: the obvious passion behind it and the sheer amount of content available. Ditching Suburbia is a blog by a family who have been traveling around America in an RV full-time since 2010, “leaving a suburban life in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education, and uncommon adventure.” The blog updates 2-4 times per week, and even features a podcast with 92 episodes, most around five minutes, but several close to an hour in length. All of this works towards one goal: to encourage you to “Own Your Days.” https://ditchingsuburbia.com/

These three RV blogs are the best of the best, and are absolute must-reads for anyone serious about getting into the RV lifestyle. There’s so much out there to learn! Start today and get excited (and prepared) for your next trip.
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