5 Unusual Spaces to Store Useful Things in An RV

RV Storage HacksThe only thing that’s not so exciting about an upcoming vacation is packing. In case of an RV-trip, the shortage of space often makes the whole thing a bit more challenging. The trick is to use every inch of the available space, and even get creative when you run out of it.

Here are five cool ideas that you can use before your next RV vacation:

Pancake Batter in a Ketchup Bottle

Do not throw away that empty ketchup bottle. Clean it, store it, and reuse it in your RV kitchen. Make your pancake batter and funnel it into the ketchup bottle. Carry the bottle on your next RV trip and you have ready-to-cook breakfast in your RV, minus the mess.

Store Spices in Pill Organizer

Taking different types of spices on a long road-trip is not always possible. But why let that affect your gastronomic pleasure? Buy a cheap pill organizer and fill each section with the spice of your choice. You do not have to buy separate spice holders; just take the amount you want and be smart while packing.

Cooling Racks inside a Cooler

Are you looking for a place to keep those cooling racks? Well, the cooler can be a good place. Simply put ice and drinks at the bottom and then place the cooling racks on it. Use this space to keep bread, sandwich and other condiments.

Mini First-Aid Kit in Prescription Bottle

If you are going for a day-trip in your RV alone, there is no reason to carry the entire first aid box. Select the most important medicines, which you think could be necessary for the trip, and put them inside a prescription bottle.

Peeled Soap

Instead of carrying the entire soap, why not peel it using a vegetable peeler? Every time someone needs to wash his hands, just give him a peeled portion. No wastage and no soggy soap to manage.

It takes just a bit of planning and some smart ideas to pack things right inside your RV. Do you already use some cool space-saving camping tricks? Let us know in the comments section.

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